October 2009 re-cap

It’s that time again! Here is my list of books I read this October, none of which I wrote a review for. I pinky-swear I’m going to soon. At least four, okay maybe three? If I’m good? So I can rest easy.

All in all a pretty diverse group:

  • 5 Regency romance
  • 3 Fantasy/futuristic earth (1 YA, 1 paranormal romance, 1 in Death book)
  • 2 Literary Fiction
  • 1 Western
  • 1 Contemporary romance

Anyways here they are:

  1. To Wed a Scandalous Spy, Celeste Bradley re-read A
  2. Visions in Heat, Nalini Singh A
  3. Ceremony in Death, J. D. Robb B+ my favorite one so far, love La Nora’s Irish roots coming through, perfect read before Halloween.
  4. Lord of Fire, Gaelen Foley B+
  5. Perfect, Judith McNaught re-read B+
  6. This Duchess of Mine, Eloisa James B+
  7. The Duke, Gaelen Foley B+
  8. Enders Game, Orson Scott Card B- just couldn’t give it a higher grade, too disturbing, in a good way, and the end was so rushed.
  9. Touched by Love, Tracy Garrett B- review coming soon
  10. A Reliable Wife, Robert Goolrick C+
  11. The Forgotten Garden, Kate Norton, don’t know how to give an impartial grade, it depressed me so much
  12. Black Silk, Judith Ivory D review coming soon

8 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to read your review of Black Silk because I have to admit I had the opposite reaction. I really liked it. I have a review half finished that I hope to post in a few days. Anyway, I can see where readers would love or hate this book.

  2. Phyl: I KNOW!!! So many other readers I admire loved Black Silk, but it did NOT work for me in the slightest. I’m dragging on writing the review since I know so many people will disagree with me.

  3. Wow-a D! And I’m the one that recommended it! Sorry. I guess its love or hate because it’s one of my favorites. I guess I’m out in recommending books in the future. Should I admit now that am in the few that hated the Godfather. Just Kidding :)

  4. I hope you’ll write it anyway. At least it would make for fun conversation ;-)

  5. Christine: No please keep recommending! And check your email, this comment space is not big enough to discuss :)

    Phyl: I’m always up for fun book conversation!

  6. Okay, what about Angel in the Red Dress by Ms. Ivory. I think this is a re-release under a different name but I remembered that it was good and had more between the hero/heroine. Has anyone else read this one?

  7. I can’t believe you read this much. Teach me to be you.

  8. I know I’m pimping my blog on yours, but I did post my review of Black Silk tonight.

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