It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to

So even though this is a bookish themed blog (with a side of lust) since today is my beeday (yay!) I decided I can blog about whatever I want.

And today I want to copy Becky from Steam Me Up Kid (she made me RL LOL into my chai latte once), she had this brilliant idea of digging up old journal entries and posting them. Hers are effin HILARIOUS.

All my good diaries and journals from my angsty years are in a box at my parents’ house in Illinois. Along with dried prom corsages, home ec projects, movie ticket stubs from 1996-2001, etc. So the only one I currently have is from when I was 19 and studying abroad in France. So without further adieu, voila!

17.9.03 (<—-pretentious European date)

Vocabulary of a sick American girl in Strasbourg: (yes i got horribly ill 3 days after arriving)

  • to cough: tousser
  • flu: grippe
  • breathless: a bout de souffle
  • throw up: vomir
  • tongue: langue
  • tonsil: amygdale

Ok, that’s enough about my symptoms. Upon reading this, hopefully fabulous, journal in the future I don’t want to get sick again by reading the first page!


Through Emily’s genius C and F mathematical deductions I apparently had a fever of 103 degrees! This led to many hallucinations/dreams in my sweat-soaked host-family’s sheets in which I was Harry Potter The Second, aka Harriet Potter. I was supposed to be saving a bunch of people, however I was actually a squib and therefore basically useless. But I couldn’t tell anyone because I was supposed to be saving them.

I encountered even more difficulties as I was wearing my J. Crew flip-flops, which I saw very vividly kept falling off and causing me to trip all over the place. This led to my wand pointing at the wrong things or getting tangled in my cape as I tried to rescue my shoes. Yes I was wearing a large black cape. Emily says my dream means I need to go shoe shopping. Have I mentioned she has a shoe fetish, and salivates at the mention of “Puma”?


Whoo boy, way to end it on a cliffhanger in that entry, lusty! My journal abroad lasted for about 5 days and then I started typing them up on my laptop instead. Which died and lost everything :( So I might post one more of my handwritten ones too…


15 Responses

  1. Now that you mention it, I don’t recall any superhero types in flip-flops. :) Happy birthday, Chica!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy B’day!

  4. Happy Birthday! Also, I love reading over my journal entries from studying abroad.

    (Although, I was even more pretentious and tried to write most of them in French…oy.)

  5. Happy Birthday!

    But the cape is so often the downfall of superheroes (at least according to The Incredibles).

  6. happy birthday!!

    i am mostly relieved i didn’t keep a journal when i studied abroad. my ones from highschool are definitely bad enough.

  7. Merci buckets everyone!

  8. Happy birthday Lusty! Weeeeeeeeeee!

    I have all my old journals locked away in my steamer trunk. I’m not sure why I’m hanging on to them. I mean, will future generations really be that interested in all my teenage emo angst? Ha!

  9. Happy Birthday! older wiser and all that
    Hugs and good health
    all the very best

  10. Happy Birthday!!

    I have the old corsages too, have you checked them out lately? Corsages don’t save too well, it seems. Bugs. Which, if I were still in high school, would be inspiration for a poem full of metaphors about betrayal bugs eating away at my rotted love heart.

    Harriet Potter, eh?

  11. LOL!

    Happy Birthday!!

  12. LOL I have bunch of old journal-y type stuff in my closet… but I am not brave enough to look at them again! :D

    Happy birthday, Lusty!!!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday!

  14. i already wished you a happy b! i hope you guys had fun!

    i want to read angsty lusty! i may have to do one of these…. sometime… my are so! bad!

  15. […] in your life Posted on November 17, 2009 by Lusty Reader Granted it was because of my birthday, and winning a contest, but I recently received some GREAT  bookish gifts. Although I am against […]

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