Gift ideas for the bibliophile in your life

Granted it was because of my birthday, and winning a contest, but I recently received some GREAT  bookish gifts. Although I am against starting Christmas too early (I’m looking at you – retailers of America) I do ADORE the holiday season, so why not jump on the bandwagon of all other advertisers and give y’all some gift ideas?

#1 The first was a present from one of my best friends, actually she was featured in my birthday post – Emily of the shoe fetish!

Do you prop your book open with one hand when you’re reading? Thumb and pinky inside the pages, three other fingers supporting the spine? Does your pinky get tired of holding open those hundreds of pages until you get closer to the end? Mine does! This is my preferred way of holding the book, usually in my left hand, and usually it gets cold, but its the best way to hold it! Well Emily found this nifty little plastic thing you put on your thumb to hold the book open, its sorta hard to explain, luckily a picture’s worth a thousand words!

in use...see what it looks like not in use?

I don’t know where she got hers, but my google search turned this place up as one of the first links*. I like it, but am still getting used to it.

#2 My bestest bestie who lives in NYC thoughtfully sent me a fabulous bookish stamp for my birthday! She got it from Three Designing Women** and it’s a self inking stamp that says “From The Personal Library Of” in a pretty design. I guess it should go on the inside of the front cover? I thought maybe on the title page, what do you think?

#3 Last, but not least I was lucky enough to win a hand-made bookmark from Laura of I’m Booking It! Thanks so much Laura, it’s gorgeous! Much prettier than the dirty receipts dug out of my purse that I usually use. I even put a cough-drop wrapper in a book last week to hold my place, ugh. So I’m not saying bombard her with gift requests ;) But a pretty bookmark with a special charm would be a great gift for any lusty reader!

So there are a few suggestions to get your mind going…if you already have Christmas on the brain like some of us!

*Not an endorsement!

**Not an endorsement, but I really like it!


8 Responses

  1. I love….LOVE the stamp…

    I think I need to direct the Boy in this direction ;)

  2. Wow, this first thingie is such a great idea. Definitely need one of those!
    And the stamp is so cool too!
    Love this post!
    Off to tell BF what I want for xmas.LOL

  3. oh man, that book-propper-open-thingy is kind of GENUIS. i hold my books open the same way, and YES, my pinky most definitely gets tired and annoyed! hah. i can see how it would be sort of weird and awkward at first, but brilliant once you get used to it.

    and GOSH i love that stamp. i keep giving my books away to friends or via bookmooch though, i probably shouldn’t stamp them up :-(

  4. PQ: next time i see yall ill drop a hint ;)

    Susi: googling it was fun because I don’t what to call it besides a “thingie” either, ha! finger crossed you get the stamp!

    Alice: i also trade books, so im only putting it in my keeper books, but then i had the thought of, do i want to defile my most favorites? sigh, its a rough life

  5. “Bibliophile” sounds so dirty. Mama like.

  6. yay the stamp made your blog!

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