Library Loot: stocked up for travel

Remember back in the day when you used to rent moves from a brick and mortar store? (I just felt like using that phrase for some reason, sorta lame) So many Fridays in high school would find me with my girlfriends or my sister scoping out the local Blockbuster and inevitably we would run into other people we knew doing the same. And equally inevitably by Friday evening ALL THE GOOD MOVIES would be taken.

You gotta stock up in advance. Nowadays Netflix, OnDemand, and tv movie channels provide instantaneous options that never run out of stock. However I was recently reminded of this irritating phenomenon that used to happen to me right when I needed my weekend entertainment the most…

Before holidays I think I may have anecdotal evidence from my own browsing that the same thing happens at my library.

We have two little, round, turny, rotating shelf things of mass market romance paperbacks and when I went yesterday they were more empty than usual. I guessed that many people had the same idea as myself and were borrowing more at a time in preparation for hours of travel reading.

So I joined the (perhaps imaginary?) fray and grabbed my own large stack. Am I a candidate for Bedlam or does anyone else do this?

Regardless, I’m super happy with what I got and am trying to decide what to read first:

I’m diving in headfirst and am greatly looking forward to many hours of reading at airport gates and on the plane! We’re in the great Lonestar state visiting hubby’s extended family who ended up here for work. Definitely excited for the nicer weather, though I don’t think anything could quite live up to our first trip to Texas earlier this year. Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Eva and Marg.


4 Responses

  1. Have fun on your trip and have fun reading! :)

  2. Enjoy your loot!

    I must try and pick up the new Julia London series. I used to buy them but not so much anymore.

  3. Enjoy your loot my dear…

    Linda Howard – Burn would be my starting point, love her work…


  4. Walkingonsunshine: Thanks! Reading is *almost* always a guarenteed fun time!

    Marg: This week truly was a good loot week! I sure am getting my “money’s” worth outta my library.

    E.H: I was definitely intrigued by this Linda Howard, I need to read more of her.

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