Opposite day for Haddadi and romance novels

The thing about being a lusty reader is you’ll read anything put in front of you. The back of the newspaper of the guy in front of you, H1N1 pamphlets, the back of coughdrop packages…all these I read on the metro this morning when I finished my book and still had 20 minutes left of my ride. I’ve even stooped to cereal boxes and shampoo bottles before!

So the other day when I was waiting by the door for hubby to come downstairs so we could go out I glanced at the magazines I held in my hands, ready to take out to the recycling. Sports Illustrated isn’t really my cup of tea, but it was open on top and once my eyes started reading the words, my lust ran away with me.

It must have been fate since the first thing I saw was a pop culture grid with athletes weighing in on things like if they’d read New Moon (all four had NOT!) and the last one was, “I think I’m obsessed with…”

This is where it gets interesting (well relevant at least!), Grizzlies Center Hamed Haddadi said he was obsessed with romance novels!!! How randomly awesome is that?! I was so excited about the far reach of my most favorite genre of all to professional male athletes who weren’t afraid to admit it. I started getting fidgety, wishing hubby would hurry up so I could show him this most excellent news.

Then I saw a quote box to the side that further explained:

To Haddadi the element of surprise is the best part of a romance novel. “The never end the way they are supposed to,” he says.

I’m sorry but are you retarded?! That is a serious wtf, ummmm the ONLY consistent thing about romance novels is the end! It goes- I love you, I love you too, happily ever after, the end. Every.Single.Time. This is the MAIN reason I read romance novels. I mean the lusty bits are nice and all ;) but it is the happily ever after that really gets me all tingly and satisfied. Sigh, way to ruin it Haddadi. Yet another person who mouths off about romance novels without knowing the most basic thing about the genre.

Unless it was opposite day for him there is no excuse for that.


8 Responses

  1. Sounds like he was just trying to go for the shock factor by saying he was a romance novel reader, but made his true self known when they asked why he liked them. Maybe he was misquoted, but I bet money on the first one.

  2. Rebecca: good point, and it certainly worked as i had no idea who he was before and now i’ve visited his wikipedia page and everything!

  3. I was going to say what Rebecca said, haha.Darnit. Too slow.

  4. miss.chief: great minds think alike! but i would much prefer if it wasn’t a tactic and a male athlete did come forward who really does like romance novels. that would make my day.

  5. Maybe he was trying to say that the people who hate each other in the beginning wind up madly in love in the end?

    Maybe not.

  6. Hahah, this post amuses me! Love your reaction.. hah..

  7. Oh my….that is really funny. Yet sad.

  8. lacochran: i mean there are always conflicts in the relationship, otherwise there’d be nothing to write about. so the *journey* is always a surprise, but i thought the end was the most obvious part!

    janicu and jessica: i know, i went from elation, to bemused laughter in the space of 10 seconds. it’s just so off that it was funny.

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