An un-Grinchy post

Lest one draws the wrong conclusion from my previous Grinchy post, I am quite the opposite and freakin ADORE Christmas and gift giving. Last week I went to dinner at my friend’s house and spent the first 15 minutes telling her about all the great gifts I had gotten people. It’s especially fun to give, and talk about giving, when you make a really good find, when you’re proud of yourself for getting the gift *juuust right*.

My family has our own Christmas traditions beginning with my mom slave-driving my sister and I over Thanksgiving weekend with needles, thread, cranberries and stale popcorn to make garland for the tree. Hooo boy did I hate doing that, but it looks SO GOOD. Not good enough for me to keep doing it for my own tree now that I’m in my own house, it really hurts my poor little fingies!

We had a few years in a row we went to Midnight Mass which is always beautiful, we always have an advent calendar, and we always have cheese fondue on Christmas Eve. My parents were really poor when they first got married and their first Christmas all they had to eat was cheese and bread, so now we continue the tradition and it’s so special.

And the CHRISTMAS MOVIES, oh lord how I love them. I am desperate to watch Home Alone, but have been on the Netflix wait list for 3 weeks now, argh (Biff’s girlfriend *scrunches nose* Woof!) so we watched A Christmas Story instead. If you follow me on twitter you got an eyeful of some of my favorite quotes, especially:

Randy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense.

Hubby and I are creating our own little traditions and favorite decorations, our new tabletop Nativity scene this year is AWESOME, and next year I must remember to purchase an advent wreath early enough. But since we’ll still spend the holiday in Chicago with my family we haven’t quite made our “own Christmas” quite yet, but I know it will be great when we do.

To get in full holiday spirit my internet presence needed a little sprucing up for Christmas, I stole the countdown button (ahh only 11 days left?!) from Colette and also added a picture of our little mutt, Kedzie, in her holiday neckerchief and antlers. Her eyes are a little scary with the flash, but the “red eye” edit button in iPhoto doesn’t work on dogs apparently.

She was a little reticent during our photo shoot:

Poor thing was hiding her head in shame thinking Why oh why must you embarrass me like this! I look like a dork!

No you don’t, silly puppy, now show us your pretty face!

Awww there she is!

This week I will be sharing more Christmas cheer with y’all with a giveaway, one of my favorite holiday recipes, and more gifts ideas for the bibliophile in your life.

Lastly, are you celebrating Smuggilvus this year? An awesome monthlong event hosted by your friendly neighborhood Book Smugglers full of good cheer, author posts, guest blog posts, best of lists, the airing of grievances (yes the title is a play on Festivus) all culminating in their 2nd blogiversary on January 7th (I think?)

Anyways, check it out, especially December 22nd as I’m SURE that day’s post will be extra lusty *wink wink*


6 Responses

  1. awww cue antlers. Yes, we need more lusty. Can’t wait to see your smuggles post :D

  2. Aw, too cute! I need to get some antlers for my pup.

  3. katiebabs: that’s me-bringing more lust to your life since 2009 ;)

    Barbara: The antlers were a gift from my mother-in-law; the handkerchief from my mom, they are dueling over dressing their grand-doggy!

  4. awwww, the cuteness! she’s just so cute. my fav’s the xmas tree one because of her face.

  5. oh, i love that fondue story! so sweet! (plus: fondue! YUM!!)

    we do popcorn strings on our tree at my parents house, too! and i’m with you: i love the result, but i can’t see ever putting in the time for my OWN tree :-)

  6. What a cute dog!

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