Library Loot: eclectic as usual

My little sister is all into yoga and that type of stuff, for example her “Religion” on facebook is listed as “Peace, Love and Happiness,” and I’ve been to a few yoga classes with her. One particular instructor was all about “balance” and “chakras” and “finding your third eye.” I can barely balance on one foot so balancing my energy, soul, or chakras is nigh on impossible.

And although my reading choices are decidedly tilted towards anything with a happy ending (namely romance) I try to have a little bit of balance there too. I’m still working on the balancing on one leg thing though…

This week’s Library Loot needed some distinct balancing – following my self-imposed rule of having to read a book before going to see a movie it’s based upon I have been super intrigued by The Road commercials. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve had a thing for Viggo Mortensen since LOtR. I put myself on the wait list of my library for it and received dire warnings from friends to read it privately with a box of tissues handy, *not* a good read in public on the metro in 20 minute pieces.

Knowing I was getting myself into a dreary apocalyptic world with a father and son fighting death, and possibly succumbing to it, I had to add some sweetness, light, and happiness to my library loot pile.

Here is the math in my mind: Any depression from The Road will be equalized by no less than three (3) Romance Novels…

  1. The Road, by Cormac McCarthy (never read anything by him before, but hubby loved the movie No Country For Old Men)
  2. Untouched, by Anna Campbell (never read anything by her before either, but heard her first book Claiming the Courtesan is awesome)
  3. The Confessions of a Duchess, by Nicola Cornick
  4. A Duke of Her Own, by Eloisa James (I’ve had my ups and downs with this series but overall *adore* this author and am excited for the Duke of Villiers to find his match in this final book of the series)

Now let’s just hope my math was right and when I finish reading this stack my reading chakras are all balanced and I’m not still depressed from The Road.

Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Marg and Eva


8 Responses

  1. I’ve been wanting to check out The Road for a while…Let me know what you think!

  2. oooh, am very interested in what you think of The Road as well. i’ve heard very mixed things…

  3. PQ and Alice: I hope to finish it tonight, I had a really hard time getting into it, the prose is written very strangely, but am surprisingly LOVING it so far.

  4. McCarthy’s writing style in general is very much his own. But it seems to work for all of his novels. You should really give No Country for Old Men a shot – it was beautiful.

  5. I have All The Pretty Horses (also by McCarthy) on my tbr list. Hubby read The Road. I don’t remember what he thought of it. I do want to see the movie.

  6. You’re braver than me! Contemporary white American male authors make me nervous, lol.

  7. I like your formula and it should be about right. Once I got used to McCarthy’s writing I found The Road to be a very moving book!

    I am up to reading Villier’s book as well, and I have high hopes.

    Enjoy your loot.

  8. The Road is on my TBR too. I like your plan to balance it out!

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