Three Days to Dead, by Kelly Meding

  • Title: Three Days to Dead
  • Author: Kelly Meding
  • Published: November 2009
  • Pages: 416 mass market paperback
  • Standalone or series: Debut novel and first book in Dreg City series. Next book As Lie the Dead will be released in July 2010.
  • Why I read it:  I can’t remember where I saw the first reviews but after several super positive ones popped up, and I lost several contests to win it, I had to go out and buy it.
  • Two things that I feel MUST be mentioned right away:

    1. If you like: Get this book into your little mitts IMMEDIATELY if you like Charlaine Harris or Anne Aguirre. Any fans of Sookie Stackhouse or Corine Solomon will just adore Meding’s Evy Stone and her supernatural adventures.
    2. Romance: this is not a romance novel. this is not a paranormal romance. just fyi. i saw it reviewed on a lot of romancelandia book blogs and had different expectation. it is straight urban fantasy.

    The premise of this book got me hook, line, and sinker. Seriously you could probably see a scar on my upper lip from where I was reeled in straight to the bookstore to buy it. The countdown to death, waking up in a new body, and solving a supernatural conspiracy just reached out and grabbed me.

    Here is the official summary:

    She’s young, deadly, and hunted—with only three days to solve her own murder…

    When Evangeline Stone wakes up naked and bruised on a cold slab at the morgue – in a stranger’s body, with no memory of who she is and how she got there – her troubles are only just beginning.  Before that night, she and the other two members of her Triad were star bounty hunters — mercilessly cleansing the city of the murderous creatures living in the shadows, from vampires to shape-shifters to trolls. Then something terrible happened that not only cost all three of them their lives, but also convinced the city’s other Hunters that Evy was a traitor . . . and she can’t even remember what it was.

    Now she’s a fugitive, piecing together her memory, trying to deal some serious justice – and discovering that she has only three days to solve her own murder before the reincarnation spell wears off. Because in three days, Evy will die again – but this time, there’s no second chance…

    I loved Three Days to Dead. I love the Sookie Stackhouse series and saw some of the same cleverness, detailed characterizations, and action packed adventure in this great debut novel. I think this is a new author to watch.

    Told in first person narrative by Evy Stone I enjoyed the rhythm of her thoughts, her spunkiness, and was happy to go along with her for the ride of why she died, why she woke up in a stranger’s body, and how she dealt with her new life…even though it was only going to last for three days. Set in an urban fantasy world we are introduced to the supernatural world of Dreg City filled with goblins who bleed fuchsia, bridge trolls who can sink into concrete, vampires with purple eyes, gargoyles who turn to stone in the sunlight, and an underground fairy paradise. The way we learn of the backstories of all the creatures in this fantasy world is injected subtly into memories, conversations, and observations by Evy. Every time she went to visit a new creature I got excited to find out what the story behind their mythology would be!

    As I mentioned at the top this is straight urban fantasy and as the Evy Stone series continues you can guess (SPOILER) that she doesn’t die after three days. But other than that you should be prepared for some sad scenes, people close to Evy dying and some pretty brutal violence and torture.

    I did think there was a lot of potential in the world building, in fact this book gets a A+ for potential, but B-ish for execution. I will readily admit that I am a speed reader, and sometimes miss out on details in my haste to get to the next page. However I had a hard time visualizing the city this is set in, I’m not even really sure what the name of the city was. I also had no idea what season it was, while great detail was given to the fight scenes, imagery of characters, and the legends of this supernatural world I felt that some detail was lacking in the physical surroundings. Something as simple as the weather or the season seemed to be missing for me which again made it hard for me to visualize everything and get totally into it. And then very last thing, supposedly the humans in [insert city name here] didn’t know about the supernatural world. But anything about humans was hardly touched on and the goblins and other “dregs” always seemed to be out in plain sight, I didn’t think enough detail was given to this part of the world building either.

    But like I said, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and loved Evy’s character. I would recommend this to any paranormal or fantasy fans and I will absolutely be buying the next book in the series! B grade for me.


    5 Responses

    1. I loved this one too! Really great debut and I can’t wait for the next one!

    2. This book sounds awesome! I definitely love these kinds of books…I’ll have to see if my library has it.

    3. Thank you for this review! I was eyeing this up in the bookstore, think I will have to get this now.

      I am a bit wary about starting new UF series, but this one sounds good.


    4. Mandi: seriously so impressive as a debut novel, and such high potential to get even better! i definitely remember your review now as being one that got be intrigued about this book!

      Cassie: *fingers crossed for the library* i hope you enjoy!

      Li: oh UF series *sigh* i know exactly what you mean, they all have no end in sight! but my bank account does and it’s definitely hard when you want to get into a new series but don’t want to commit to a billion books and long continuing plot threads.

    5. This sounds like my kind of book. I want!!!

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