Obsession with the internet and iPhoto Booth

Have you ever noticed that when actors are using computers on TV, especially in commercials, they make them look all into it and all active and all expressive about it? Like look, I know it’s boring to watch someone scroll down and down, but no ones eyes shift that much or waggle their eyebrows when reading a computer screen about some pharmaceutical shit. It looks fake to me and bothers me. It’s the little things, the really little things, that get to me in life. Stop looking all expressive when reading page after page of the internet!


Like seriously, no one REALLY lol’s (well maybe if you’re reading lilu, or becky of SMUK). In fact as I spent the last week or so catching up on my MONSTROUSLY out of date google reader (i could not click mark all as read *whimper* i just couldn’t!) I found out two things:

1. i am obsessed with the internet, awesome links i found to follow

2. i found the photo booth feature on our Mac and had WAY too much fun taking pictures. the first of which was accidental so i know EXACTLY what i look like while scrolling webpages:

Now this <—- is what they should make people look like when they’re perusing the interwebz! I will seriously sit in the same position, finger poised over the mouse, scrolling, and clicking, and x-ing out, and opening new tabs in the same hunched over pose until both legs fall asleep and I have a hand mark on my cheek from holding my head up. That’s what happens when you have over 300 unread posts in google reader and people include lots of great hyperlinks that are just begging to be clicked.

Now the following links were things I stumbled across that definitely brought some expression to my droopy face!!! Hopefully they will entice you to do the same!!!

Some Link Love:

1. NYT stalks netflix users: I love dorky statistics and I love movies so this NYT article with maps of most popular netflix rentals BY ZIPCODE of several large cities including DC, Chicago (what-what Chitown!), and Dallas is perfect for my geeked-out, voyeuristic style.

2. WTFckery: These are some of my fave posts by KB, the first one in her most recent WTFckery post about an*l sex just kills me, I promise I RL LOL’ed at that one.

3. Old timey stuff and names: More than dorky statistics I ADORE names, the history of them, family traditions, meanings, and odd ones, and the really good finds. Couple that with old timey stuff (yummm i love historical books and movies!) and you get this awesome post about names and old timey London stuff from a great old book find by Carolyn Jewel on Risky Regencies. T.R. Wardleworth was one of my faves.

4. CBS show “I Get That A Lot”: In case you missed this on TV you can watch ENTIRE episodes online, but the one with Heidi Klum disguised as a pizza waitress and denying her true identity to anyone who thinks they recognize her is the bestest.

5. Shaddap You Face: Hubby and I discovered this new (to us) song with the greatest lyrics and keep telling each other to “shut uppa you face, this-a nice-a place!” and our friends think we are being rude to each other, but we dissolve into giggles every time. Ever heard of Joe Dolce? We wikapedia-ed the shit out of him after hearing his awesome song Shaddap You Face that came out in the 80s. Pleeeease listen to the whole song, it is teh awe.some.

And now…drumroll please…the blog post that made my face look like this (combination shock and awe, i told you had too much fun with the photo booth feature!):

5. True Book Pr0n: While this Book Pr0n in pictures blog post by author Meljean Brook is safe for work…the dog-eared vs. doggy style and double penetration had me cracking up like no other

Please click away, I hope you enjoy my link love and it brings some expression to your internet-perusing-face.


13 Responses

  1. You crack me up. Look good Lusty ;)

  2. KB: well *you* crack me up too, so the feeling is mutual ;) and i took about 342589 self portraits with the photo booth thing, it was amazingly entertaining!

  3. Heehee, bookpr0n. :)

  4. I saw that episode with Heidi Klum, it was hilarious. Hearing you talk about it makes me want to go online and view it again.

  5. janicu: it was the most literary pr0n ive ever seen ;)

    Lynette: i was snorting with laughter and giggling with utter abandon at the I Get That A Lot clips. that show really tickles my funny bone!

  6. zomg..Shaddap you face..I lurve it. I can’t stop watching.

    Meljean Brook had me cracking up with that post!

  7. Awwwww. You are too sweet, my love!

  8. Thanks for the links! And yes, that’s about what my face looks like when I troll the Interwebs, too. No, no, I mean the second face. That’s what I always do. Obviously.

  9. Mandi: yay another shuddup you face fan! why you looka so sad? itsa not so bad!

    lilu: i just call it like i see it, my dear

    Sub Sweetheart: glad you enjoyed! and that second face would really become you.

  10. I love the WTFuckery post you listed! So funny!

  11. be honest, that’s your “o” face, right? riiiiiight? shock, awe, raw emotion! in other news, your eyebrows look hot in that picture :)

  12. HAHAHAHAHHA! Those are fantastic! Going now to check out all your links. I am certain I will find them enjoyable as well….thanks for the smile:)

  13. What a HILARIOUS post!! Your first portait is about what I look like until I come across something that has me yelling for Hubby to come and look.

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