January 2010 reading list

So for the past month the title of this list was January 2009, I only just noticed my error as I went to hit “publish”. Still so weird to be writing “2010” and I can’t shorten it to 10, or ’10, it doesn’t look like a date to me.

Anywhoosit this was a fairly diverse reading month with 4 historical romances, 4 Young Adult paranormals, 1 futuristic- apocalyptic literary fiction, 1 literary fiction and a very rare bird, 2 DNF’s. The DNF has been fairly elusive to me but I guess I just had less patience this month.

  1. The Road, Cormac McCarthy A
  2. A Duke of Her Own, Eloisa James A-
  3. Blood Promise (Book #4), Richelle Mead A-
  4. Shadow Kiss (Book #3), Richelle Mead A-
  5. The Glass Lake, Maeve Binchy B+ reread
  6. Frostbite (Book #2), Richelle Mead B (review to come soon)
  7. Untouched, Anna Campbell B-
  8. One Night of Scandal, B- Theresa Maderios
  9. At Last Came Love, Mary Balogh C+
  10. Vampire Academy (Book #1), Richelle Mead C+ (review to come soon)
  11. The Confessions of a Duchess, Nicola Cornick DNF
  12. Captive Bride, Johanna Lindsey DNF (*sadface* ms. lindsey is one of my favorite authors ever, but i couldn’t stand the simplistic prose, doormat heroine, or asshole hero. why yes, this is an old-school romance, how could you tell? usually i adore them, but i was either bored stiff or too annoyed while reading it)

7 Responses

  1. You’re catching up to me in amount read for the month :)

  2. […] Here’s Lusty’s January reading list. […]

  3. DNF? I think I should know what this means … something non-fiction? But I think the non-fiction is wrong.

  4. Vintage Mary Balogh is so much better than her current series. It is sad.

  5. KB: ohhh katie, you consistently outpace me, im just happy if i break double digits!

    Mal Snay: DNF – did not finish. this almost never happens to me, im usually too stubborn, and recently have been picking good books for myself.

    Mandi: i know, i might expand upon my thoughts on the more recent Baloghs but honestly? i just found the writing and plotting very lazy.

  6. LOL! You couldn’t finish Captive Bride? It was the second romance I ever read and I honestly remember absolutely nothing about it. I should pick it up again to see how I like it now, although I suspect I’d be like you and DNF it.

  7. oh man, i hate DNFs too. but sometimes it’s just necessary to preserve your sanity. see: the twilight books :-P

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