Library Loot: story of my life

So library loot posts are the story of my life these days, well at least my “e-life” as about half of the blog posts I’ve actually written in the past month have solely been for this meme. As you, my gentle readers, may possibly deduce due to your keen intellects these have been my main posts since I’ve been too BUSY reading said loot to write any more blogs. I’ve gone to the library just about every other day as I’m on the wait list for so many books. I get at least one of these emails from my library a week saying my holds are ready to be picked up! I think I’m all caught up with my holds…except for Under the Dome, but I moved from #72 to #34 in the past 6 weeks at least.

So yeah, basically my life = pick up books from lib, read said books, put more books on hold + repeat times infinity.

My library stack from the past 6 days looks like this:

  • Loving a Lost Lord, by Mary Jo Putney: (1st in new Lost Lords series) Oh I just love amnesia story lines, in this case it is our half Indian-half British Duke hero who washes up on the beach of our intrepid heroine’s newly-won-in-a-card-game manor house.
  • Succubus Blues, by Richelle Mead: (1st in Georgia Kincaid series) Now that I’ve glommed her YA paranormal series (all 4 books in 6 days!) I’m moving onto Ms. Mead’s adult books to tide me over till the next Vampire Academy book is out this summer.
  • Leviathan, by Scott Westerfield: I’ve never read any of his books, and after a lot of online buzz I went to buy the YA-steampunk-adventure/quest Leviathan, but the $20 price tag made me scoot my booty right over to the library. Plus the teenage heroine dresses in disguise as a boy, oooooh *dreamy sigh* do I adore that trope.
  • The Glass Lake, by Maeve Binchy: I own about 6 of her books set in 1960’s Ireland, and remember this one as one of my favorites back when I first discovered her in 6th grade, I’m surprised I don’t own. As soon as I got the idea in my head to read it I had to get it ASAP! so picked it up in Large Print, it is quite hefty. And no, that’s not the first time I’ve resorted to LP to assuage my need for instant gratification.

Library Loot is a weekly meme host by Marg and Eva.


12 Responses

  1. Please let me know how Succubus Blues is! I wanted to read that series but they don’t have it at my library and I’m stingy when it comes to actually buying books LOL. I haven’t read that Scott Westerfield book but I read his Midnighters series and loved it, and his book Peeps was a really interesting twist on vampires.

  2. Sometimes I feel the same way. I’m reading my loot and getting more loot! For me it’s temporary, so perhaps things will change for you too.

  3. Cassie: i will! I think i’ll like it better than her other adult series (Dark Swan) as it is really…welll for lack of a better word, dark. i specifically did not lok for that series since i don’t really go for supersad/torture/rape/friends dying thing.

    Linda: i definitely have a good flow with the library going! but i know what you mean, sometimes it seems like m library has no good books, none of the ones i want, so i’ll stock up on loot while i can!

  4. Mary Jo Putneys book sounds great! I also love amnesia stories-I can’t wait for your review on this one! Don’t you love it when you get good library finds? I’ve been lucky lately-my library has surprised me with some of the new releases they’ve had.

  5. Oh. I want to read Westerfield and Meade!

    I think being too busy reading to write about reading is a nice problem to have!

  6. I just read Succubus Blues – Really, really good..can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  7. Colette: I have to go back and reread some of MJP’s backlist, I haven’t read them since my first go about 15 years ago, but I remember liking them! I think this new series of hers has lots of promise.

    Marg: it’s true, im pretty happy with this problem ;) there is no such thing as “reading too much.”

    Mandi: i saw your review and it made me even more excited to get started!

  8. I’ve read the Lost Lord — I liked it but don’t consider it one of her best. (I guess my favorite is The Rake).

  9. […] stocked up on books for our 75 degree beach reading weather. Not only do I still have some of this library loot left over, but I went to the library again and have a few books I bought recently that I’ll […]

  10. I love Maeve Binchy! She’s like a warm blanket and a cup of tea on a cold day. Enjoy!

  11. There’s nothing wrong with large print!

    I tried to read The Glass Lake in high school, but I’m just not into that type of story telling. I can see why other people enjoy her novels, though.

  12. I’m currently drowning under the weight of my library loot. I get those email alerts telling me new holds are ready for pickup and instead of coming back with just one book, I come back with a bag full, soon I will be buried under all the stacks of books…but what a way to go :)

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