Life’s A Beach

Ooooh a title that’s a double entendrrruh (i say the french pronunciation since i’m snooty like that). The 2nd part of the double entendre comes into play at the end of the post, so stick with me!

So life’s a bitch here in DC with over 14″ of snow downtown and another 5 hours of the storm ahead of us in a city that is totally unequiped to handle this kind of weather. Restaurants, metro, buses..all shut down. My office closed at 2pm yesterday and will most likely be closed on Monday. I heard the grocery store near us is open, but no cashiers, it’s all self checkout only.

This is exactly why I didn’t move back to Chicago after college! I had my share of blizzards growing up and DC is definitely not supposed to have them. People here totally freaked out though. When I was sitting at work on Thursday I watched twitter with growing trepidation as pictures like Mandi’s popped up of empty shelves, and one of the Whole Foods near my house that had a line just to GET IN to the store. The DCist also had some great pictures of the crazyness that was the grocery stores the day before the storm hit.

Seriously people? You’ll be inside for maybe TWO DAYS!!! No need to freak out like this. Yes I am a superior Northerner, but still, the lines and grabbyness were ridiculous. However, I needed lemons, garlic and onions for the recipes I was going to make over the weekend. The reason I didn’t buy more is due to the second part of the double entendre which we’ll get to in a sec. So I did brave the Harris Teeter by my work in Arlington, VA knowing that the stores near my house in downtown DC would be way too swamped. I got in the 30 person line and promptly busted out my current read, Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan. I didn’t care how dorky I looked reading in the grocery store line, at least I was entertained for the 40 minutes I had to wait!

Anyways, I’ve been up since 8am today and haven’t seen a single car on the road, just one plow that was a private contractor for the church across the street, it is so beautiful and quiet out there! The snow is still coming down, but the worst is behind us…we even had thundersnow last night!

Here is a picture of our street:

I also took a little video of Kedzie and I out on her walk, please ignore the high pitch of my voice, it sounds so obnoxious, so I’m just going to excuse that by saying it was only like that since I was talking to the dog. Also please excuse my hyperbole of “the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life” needless to say, I have seen funnier:

I uploaded two other videos here if you want to subject yourself to my ramblings even further, but you have to admit, Kedzie is adorable.

In case you can’t tell by my tone I am not put out by this storm IN THE SLIGHTEST. Part of my positive attitude is because I think it’s beautiful and know we will be warm and comfortable and lack for nothing, we are lucky like that. But also life is about to be a REAL BEACH for us as we are heading to FLORIDA tomorrow. Fingers crossed that our flight won’t be cancelled! When we made our reservations months ago hubby wanted to fly out on Friday so we could have an even longer vacation, but I argued for Sunday so we wouldn’t have to put the dog in the kennel for even longer. I am so glad he listened to me, because all flights were cancelled Friday and Saturday.

We’ll be here for the next 8 days:

And I’m all stocked up on books for our 75 degree beach reading weather. Not only do I still have some of this library loot left over, but I went to the library again and have a few books I bought recently that I’ll be bringing with me. So I’ll do an In My Suitcase post before we go. Don’t be too jealous, but this vacation couldn’t have come at a better time! Hope you’re all staying warm and dry!

12 Responses

  1. Heh…think we have about 26 inches and counting out here in Manassas. But yeah, I totally get you. I went to school up in New Hampshire, so I really don’t get the mass panic that sets in when we get 2 inches of snow.

    Here’s hoping your flight takes off!

  2. DC has been hard this winter. I am still waiting for the massive snow storm to arrive. Word was it would snow overnight Friday into Saturday and every one went crazy trying to buy out the local supermarket. I went food shopping an hour ago and it was dead.

    Suckers!! LOL

    Aw Lusty, keep warm and catch up on all your reading!

  3. Allison: oof, y’all got a bit worse than the city, but it’s crazy everywhere! *fingers crossed*

    katiebabs: i know, 3 big snow storms is super unusual. my trusty TBR pile will definitely keep me entertained.

  4. Ha! People do panic easily. But as long as there’s a can or two of soup in the pantry, we can survive. I’m more afraid of losing electricity and not being able to sew!

    Have a safe and lovely week on the beach. Enjoy all that loot!

  5. wow, what perfect beachy timing! i LOVE doggies in the snow! she’s adorbs :)

  6. What a cutiepie she is!

    I hope it’s warm in Florida. Have fun.

  7. definitely jealous of the vacation.

  8. Phyl: the power going out would be hell during a winter storm, i shudder at the thought. we don’t have enough candles for me to read by after dark!

    beckyyyyy: the beach trip is working out perfectly, because i cannot TAKE ONE MORE DAY of this figidness *stamping foot on the ground in a tantrum* so yeah…im happy to be getting away :)

    lachochran: i just want to squeeze her till her head pops off sometimes…that’s how her cuteness makes me feel.

    Brianne: sorry, i couldn’t help but rub it in a teeny bit, haha.

  9. Great vacation placement, now you get to escape the big melt!

  10. Enjoy the vacation! I love snow, but I’m still a little jealous. <3

  11. You live on a very nice street. :)

    Usually the people around here ride out big snow storms pretty well. But if there’s more than one a year, it gets ugly. Two years ago we had big snow storms every weekend for three weeks running. It was month before I saw fresh milk at the grocery store. :(

  12. Hope you are enjoying the beach! It’s still gross here. But the puppy is adorable!

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