In My Suitcase (escape from the blizzards of 2010)

Y’all. It’s like a war-zone in DC with these blizzards. I feel like our flight made it out in between bombings or something. Like there was a lull in the battle for 12 hours and our plane was just able to sneak out. Yes we left 3 days later that we were supposed to, but we made it! Hallelujah!

I tried not to be too smug in my last post, but I think our first 2 flights getting cancelled was a little bit of karma for me posting too soon about escaping the blizzards. When I was packing on Tuesday I refrained from posting the pictures of the excellent reading materials in my suitcase until we were safely in Florida! So here we are, and here is my suitcase:

I saved up my last two People Magazines, it was hard letting them languish on the table, but they are too perfect of beach reads to waste on metro rides to work. I also brought 3 recent library finds and all-new-to-me reads so I’m very excited for Lisa Kleypas’ Blue Eyed Devil, Loretta Chase’s Don’t Tempt Me, and Richelle Mead’s Succubus Blues.

I was cooped up inside since Friday, staring at this stack of books, it was beckoning me to pick one up for entertainment during the endless hours of snow…I resisted with the hope I’d be able to read them in sunny Florida, and I’m so glad I did!

But as we settled into the condo last night I took a peek at the books nestled under the bedside table. I needn’t have brought any with me after all! Don’t you love when you travel and the hotel or rental house has a bookcase of books to borrow, or you can leave behind your own for the next visitors? It’s always so interesting to see the array offered, from the typical Tom Clancy and John Grishams, to maybe some Oprah book club picks, and there are ALMOST ALWAYS a few solid romance novel choices. I feel like it gives you a clue into the owner or previous vacationer’s personalities and you can imagine them reading the same story as you while soaking in the sun on the balcony.

In this case the row of romance novels left behind was too perfect for words, and I would be saving my library books and reading these now if they weren’t slightly mildewy:

I wonder if you can Febreeze books? Because those two Judith McNaughts are really calling my name, I haven’t read Once and Always since I was about 13 years old, and it brings back fond memories. There’s a Linda Lael Miller and Rosemary Rogers. So many classic names! And I’ve never even heard of this Linda Howard book, Loving Evangeline?

Always better to have too many reading choices than not enough! I just might have to clean some of these off depending how quickly I read the others as we are here for another SIX DAYS. Yay.

I may not be around much online, but we are currently stealing internet from someone else in the condo building named “zach,” so thank you zach for not protecting your wireless internet connection! We weren’t expecting to have one so I’ll at least be around more than I planned. For now…it’s off to the beach!


7 Responses

  1. Yeah, have fun in Florida Girlie. Again, it’s INSANE here at home. Ugghhh….
    Did you have to pay extra for your suitcases being heavy from books or are you a light packer anyway? Pete hate’s travling with me because I always have heavy luggage. I pack a flat iron, two curling irons and my many shoes don’t help the matter. :) Happy reading, wear your sunblock and enjoy your free internet! XO

  2. Wow great to see you made it out of here in one piece, kinda jealous you get to play in the sun now and still not go to work.

  3. Planet Books: we only do carry-on, i *refuse* to pay to check. so all i brought was a bathing suit and sun dresses, plenty of room for books!

    Dmbosstone: my office has been closed for the snow for 3.5 days so i don’t even have to use my vacation days *happy sigh*

  4. Glad to hear you made it out of DC eventually. I wondered if you had. Enjoy the books–whichever ones you read!

  5. Enjoy! We’re still under snow… glad you escaped!

  6. My sister got a left behind Stephanie Meyers where we were. Have fun!

  7. […] and contemporary Texan settings, exciting plots, and unique characters from the three books I brought in my suitcase. But I really wanted to talk about the first one I read, Succubus Blues by Richelle […]

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