Curvalicious: A Different Kind of Heroine, A Different Kind of Publisher

Today brings a guest post from Karen Jones, Promotions Manager of Accomplice Press. As you know I’m a big proponent of curvy women and I may have blogged a little feast for your eyes on this before, but there are only maybe 2 to 3 good romance novels that come to my mind where I’ve read about more voluptuous heroines. So when Karen contacted me about their new Curvalicious line of romances I signed right up. For any writers reading my blog, make sure to check out the end of her post for the writing competition!


As women, writers, wives, lovers and publishers the staff at Accomplice Press understands what true romance is all about.  It has nothing to do with your weight and everything to do with how you feel inside.  Curvalicious is romance at its finest; our curvy, intelligent, self-confident, sexy heroines will land the man of their dreams and have a happily ever after without losing a single pound or changing who they are on the outside.  These stories may be short in length but they will be filled with great dialog, intriguing plots and characters that women of all sizes will relate to.  Romance is about fantasy but everyone has a different idea of what that is so we are releasing two sub genres.  Curvalicious Sweet will have sensual love scenes, but no explicit language or sex and Curvalicious Spicy will have erotic romance containing explicit language and sex scenes.

Curvalicious is just what the book industry needs and Accomplice Press is the company to make it a priority.  We are a full service, boutique style publisher focusing on manuscripts that are often overlooked by the large warehouse presses.  DJ Alling is our brilliant CEO, Editor, Co-founder and the creator of this book line.  She beautifully explains why Curvalicious is so important to her in this quote:

“Society and the media have convinced women that men won’t find you attractive if you wear double-digit sizes.  This is reinforced by the romance book industry.  The leading terms used to describe a heroine are slender, thin, lithe, small, and tiny.  Real women read romances, and real women deserve to be able to relate to the heroines.  Romance stories are about fantasies, and as a large woman, I personally do not find it satisfying to fantasize about a man touching a body that I can’t relate to.  I also happen to know that men love women of all sizes.  Sexy comes from within.  That is why I created Curvalicious.”

Our mission at Accomplice Press is to give new authors a chance to share their voice with an audience that is ready to listen.  That’s why we are so happy to announce the Curvalicious writing competition.  Beginning on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010 we will begin taking entries at  We will be accepting submissions in two different categories, one sweet and one spicy.  All the requirements and details are available at  The competition will end at midnight on May 14, 2010. On May 28, 2010 two winning entries will be chosen, announced on, then contracted and published in ebook format.  The top three submissions of each category will also be included in the first Curvalicious print anthology.  In conjunction with this writing competition Accomplice Press will also be holding a general ‘open call’ to all authors, with original manuscripts, who use their voice in unique ways that push the boundaries.

Accomplice Press may be the new kids on the block but we have years of experience and are dedicated to literary excellence.  Please share us with your friends.  We will be launching other specialized lines this July when we attend Romcon in Denver.  To keep updated on news and upcoming events please join Accomplice Press Chatter at


14 Responses

  1. Oooh! I’m constantly bitching about the lack of plus sized heroines (who STAY plus sized) in romance. This line sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the heads up, Lusty!

  2. What a great concept! Thanks for letting us know about this.

  3. Um, maybe I’m a little influenced by Mrs Giggles’ last post, but will our heroes be plus-sized, too?

    After all, if weight doesn’t matter for heroines and it’s all about what’s on the inside – if the heroes all have six-packs I’m going to be a little irate.

  4. Kati: ooo those ones where she loses weight and *only then* finds happiness really make me see red.

    Colette: im excited to see what they come up with!

    AJ: pudgy heroes are even more rare than curvy heroines or pink flying unicorns. i dont think ive ever read of one.

  5. oh lovely!! will you be submitting any entries? :-)

  6. Very cool! Gonna hop over to Curvalicious to see more!

    The only “pudgy” hero I can think of is Dave Malkoff from Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series, but he got fit over the course of earlier books before he got hero status.

  7. Oh! the first Accomplice Press link doesn’t work. The other one does, tho’. :-)

  8. After reading the comments here, I have a lot to think about. The subject of what the hero in Curvalicious books has not been one that has been discussed much.

    While it is true there are not many larger men in romance books, they are all over the television screen. Almost every sitcom out there has a pudgy dorky husband with a thin, hot wife.

    While I agree, love comes in all shapes and sizes, one of the stereotypes we are trying to break with the Curvalicious line is the thought that only “fat” guys like “fat” women. People of all shapes and sizes find all shapes and sizes attractive.

    I say Curvalicious heroines get the man of their dreams, whatever he may look like. Right now, I am leaving that up to the author. I hope we will get “real men” who will love our “real women”.

    This has given me more to think about for the future. Thank you all for such positive responses!

    DJ Alling
    Editor in Chief
    Accomplice Press


    I love, respect, admire the ‘natural’ shapes and sizes, not the stereotypical waif Hollywood types. The curvier the better.

    My appreciation to those pushing this envelope (finally..).

    I applaud you!

  10. […] Press gets the shout out from Katiebabs and Lusty Reader. Their new romance line, Curvalicious, will be short novella length love stories with happy […]

  11. Alice: not any time soon, but if i ever even get close to fantasizing about writing my own romance, my imagination almost always conjures up voluptuous women.

    Renee: should be fixed, thanks!

    DJ: i completely agree with you, my girlfriends and i talk SUPER often about how ridiculous it is that larger/less attractive men are so much more frequently paired with thinner/more attractive women, but you so rarely see a HOT guy with a less attrative woman. That is why i think Curvalicious’s current aims make more sense.

    David: hahaha, i adore your comment. when i read it i said “Viva la T&A!” in my head.

  12. The feedback for Curvalicious is amazing! I’m so happy to be a part of this. I have plenty of curves of my own and have never had trouble finding great guys to romance me, it will be nice to finally see heroines in books reap the same benefits.

    It may take a while but we would love to change everyone’s idea about what beautiful really is and we will do it one book at a time! Please tell all your friends about us and if any of them write encourage them to submit.

    Karen Jones
    Accomplice Press

  13. […] as a lover of curvy heroines (*ahem* I’ve only mentioned this a time or two), and as I love my own curves, I absolutely adored seeing that side of Callie! …but I looked […]

  14. Lori Foster’s Too Much Tempatation and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Night Play are both good reads with plus-sized heroines.

    I’ve just released Doctor’s Delight, bk 1 in the Big Girls Lovin’ trilogy, each book featuring a plus-sized heroine. It’s great to know that there are readers and writers out there not afraid of the plus-sized heroine!

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