Library loot: how bout a little romance with your horror?

My library loot today is playing another balancing game, similar to when I got The Road.  That time around my reading math was: “Depression from The Road will be equalized by no less than three (3) Romance Novels”

And although I swore off apocalypse and dystopian novels as they mirrored too closely the horrible natural disasters, wars, and terrorism in real life current events, my curiosity for Stephen King’s latest (and my reading skill at skimming through scary/sad parts) won out. Plus I was on the library wait list for 42 weeks, just getting to #1 was a feat too great to ignore.

So my current math is: 1072 pages of horror/gore/dystopian society in Under the Dome is offset by 3 romance novels and one exciting paranormal book.

Hmmm I actually think I need to add another happy ending to this group. I don’t know if 3 are enough to combat the severed limbs, radiation, and drug factories in Under the Dome. Scared and/or nauseous yet? I know I am!

So, here is my (hopefully balanced) loot:

  1. Under The Dome by Stephen King: I’m about 200 pages in and have been frightened out of my wits and lost my appetite, but I can’t turn the pages fast enough. I haven’t read King since 6th grade (I didn’t sleep for 3 days as was afraid of sink and shower drains for a while) but I’m holding together surprisingly well.
  2. Prince Charming, by Julie Garwood: This tale of an English noblewoman marrying an American mountain man to escape her evil family members and track down the kidnapper of her baby neices is one of my personal Top 16 Favorite Romance Novels. Sure I like Garwood’s The Bride or The Gift, but for some reason Taylor and Lucas’ love story in the wild west really gets me here *pointing to my heart* Published in 1994 it also falls under my favorite faux-sub-genre of romance novels: Old Skool goodness.
  3. Ashes in the Wind, by Kathleen Woodiwiss: Speaking of old skool romances, Woodiwiss is royalty in that arena. Yet I had never read her before I picked up The Flame and The Flower a few weeks ago…this is all due to my dear, dear Kati of Katidom. I thought I loved old skool romance, but she is a connoisseur if you will. I also told her of my penchant for heroines who are disguised as boys but the hero ALWAYS sees through their disguise and she told me I had to get my paws on this civil war story immédiatement!
  4. Love Letters From a Duke, by Elizabeth Boyle: I know zip, zlich, nada about this book or this author. Just saw it in the paperback romance novel section of the lib and liked the back cover blurb: 
  5. He’s at her service . . . Though she can’t afford the coal to heat her drafty Mayfair mansion, Felicity Langley still clings to her dream of marrying a duke—one she’s had since her very first curtsy. After all, she’s been promised to the very lofty Duke of Hollindrake for the last four years. Now all she has to do is meet him. But what Felicity doesn’t realize is that she has met her duke—he’s the altogether too handsome man who Felicity has just mistaken . . . for her new footman!

    5.  Sunshine, by Robin McKinley: This fantasy tale is also part of my loot thanks to further recommendations by the lovely Kati! And when I saw Neil Gaiman described it as “A gripping, funny, page-turning pretty much perfect work of magical literature that exists more or less at the unlikely crossroads of Chocolat, Interview With a Vampire, Misery and the tale of Beauty and the Beast. It’s not quite SF, and it’s not really horror, and only kind of a love story, and it’s all three while still being solidly Fantastique” I started to get a really strong feeling I would like it!

    So, even after typing up all that nice-y nice stuff about my four “happier” books, I still think I’m going to have to add more sweetness and light to my reading regimen after (if? im sort of thinking if a little teensy bit) I ever finish Under The Dome. Maybe I’ll make a little trip to my local bookstore and browse the happily ever after section a bit :)

    Library loot is a weekly meme hosted by Eva and Marg.


16 Responses

  1. I hope you enjoy Love Letters from a Duke, at least more than I did, but then, I read it while I was doing historical research on servants and kept noticing the mistakes!

  2. AJ: uh oh! i don’t remember your review, but feel like we agree more often than not. ill think ill wait till after i finish Love Letters from a Duke and then check it out.

  3. I love your reading math. I never thought about that before but I probably will now. Enjoy your loot!

  4. Love Letters From a Duke….I like the whole mix-up/secret identities thing…but only when they are fun like this one was. A Duke as a footman? That’s pretty good. I get what AJ is saying though, about the mistakes, especially if you were doing some research at the time, but for me…ignorance was bliss :) It was fun and the characters were enjoyable.

  5. Linda: math has never been my strong suit, i won’t lie, but im always better at anything reading related ;)

    Jennifer: true, this story sounds like escapism at it’s best, and i certainly know next to nothing about servants in regency england. you know…beyond what i’ve read in romance novels of course!

  6. Under the Dome is a huge read! I’ll be interested on hearing your thoughts on Sunshine as I’ve read one book by this author and wasn’t sure what to read next by McKinley. Enjoy!

  7. ha, i read misery when i was FAAAR too young, and couldn’t even look at another King book until after college. he’s certainly got a knack for that..

  8. Yay! That’s what I call successful Pimpin’!

    Scott read Under the Dome in about two days. Absorbed to the point where I truly think I could have been on fire and he’d just have moved me closer to the book for better reading light. He loves him some King.

    I hope you love Ashes in the Wind. OMG, I love that book. Especially the bathtub scene! Heh.

  9. All my books came from the children’s library today.

  10. Oh, I’m so glad to see Sunshine in your pile! That was (my still unwritten) re-read challenge book for last month. It’s a great blend of uf/horror/romance.
    I haven’t read Steven King in years, but he is such a compelling writer. Boy, Under the Dome is sure an intimidating size!

    Enjoy your loot! :-)

  11. Samantha: ive been pecking at Under the Dome for 3 days now, and am only about halfway…i really don’t know if can make myself finish it! as for Robin McKinley, ive never read anything by her before, but when i was writing this post i came across so much positive things about many of her books, everyone had a diff one as their fave, which is always a good sign!

    Alice: i read some book of Stephen King short stories that was left behind at a vacation house we were at i think. seriously, drains of any kinds terrified me, and i thought there were dead bodies hidden in speed bumps for the longest time after reading them. i haven’t tried anything by him since and CERTAINLY havent seen any of his movies.

    Kati: you be big pimpin (i was going to send you a google image but everything i found was sorta inappropriate)

    and did you say “bathtub scene”?!?! in Ashes in the Wind? i might have to bump that up on my TBR!

    pussreboots: enjoy your loot!

    Renee: i didn’t realize Sunshine had so much horror *small pout* i might have to put a wide gap between that and Under The Dome then and squish lots of HEA in between!

  12. ASHES IN THE WIND, a sentimental favorite of mine. First because while I still enjoy them, books set in the Civil War were favorites. Second, my oldest son is named after the hero…

  13. I’m doing this with classics month. I’ve resolved to read as many short romances as possible before March hits.

  14. i love these posts because i just love stacks of books being exclaimed over… i think i’m gonna have to check out under the dome, sounds like my kinda thang :)

  15. I’ve never been much of a fan of post-apocalyptic SF/F because they are usually so bleak, depressing and hopeless. However, when I read that Colleen Gleason started a new post-apocalyptic romance series writing as Joss Ware, I decided to give it a try. And you know what? I not only really liked it, but I plan on buying each book of the series. Book 1, Beyond the Night, was entertaining and interesting. I wanted to get to know these people and I wanted to find out all the details on what happened 50 years ago.

  16. Good luck w/ that! I stay far, far away from dystopian stuff…even mildly dys. novels make me really upset. ;)

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