Waving goodbye to Under The Dome

Waking up for an Under The Dome inspired nightmare at 5am today was the second to last straw. I tried to cuddle up on hubby for comfort but he was facing the wrong way (I can’t be the big spoon) and I didn’t want to wake him up to make him roll over.

But beyond the nightmare and loss of sleep, the very last, most wispy, tiny, yellow straw was the killing off of ANOTHER good guy. I dealt with the first 3 or 4 dying ok (by “ok” i mean i had nightmares about me being the next murder/rape/severed limb victim) as it is to be expected in dark/horror books. I mean heck, good people die in Sookie Stackhouse’s world all the time and I keep reading those!

But while I was reading it on the metro this morning these three plucky good-guy teenagers go out on their bikes to inspect the possible source of the Dome…and get radiation poising near the dead bodies of deer and a bear. I slammed the book shut (gagged a little to be honest) and vowed not to re-open it.

So I’m now waving goodbye to Under The Dome. I shall not be finishing it. Well…tonight, while I decide whether to watch my DVR’d American Idol, Real World DC, or the live Olympics I may try to skim the last 50 pages to find out if anyone in the Dome-covered-town survives the madmen, evil-police-force, air pollution, meth addicts, or radiation poisoning. But I have a feeling if the mysterious force-field-Dome ever lifts no one is going to be left. Certainly not any good guys.

The last time I read Stephen King was a bunch of short stories when I was about 12, now that I’m 26 I thought I’d be better able to handle it. But I was wrong. I’m like that dog that never learns about the electric fence and keeps getting shocked. Remember when I gave up on Michael Grant’s GONE series which is so super duper similar and so often compared to King’s Dome? Yeah I gave those up because they were too horror, gore, and sadness filled for me, I guess I needed another zap of the electric collar to make me learn.

I can’t decide of the electric collar analogy is the best for me or “curiosity killed the cat,” because I wanted to read Under the Dome due to my G*d-damn curiosity about how the force-field around the town came to be, how would people survive under it, and would it ever lift?


I’m still going to try and mix up my reading genres, because I know I can’t survive on a diet of just romance alone, but I won’t be venturing too far away for a while.

EDITED TO ADD LATE BREAKING NEWS: just skipped ahead 500 pages and read the last 50, thank goodness a few of the good guys made it. The ending and Big Reveal are so very very reminiscent of Ender’s Game if you read and loved that, then it’s totally worth pushing through Under the Dome.


8 Responses

  1. That bad, huh? Well, on the plus side, you have someone to cuddle with when you have a nightmare!

  2. I haven’t read Stephen King in a looooonnng time. I’m not sure why I stopped. I loved his early books that focused on characters. Firestarter is a fave of mine. This one does sound creepy and more about the gore than the characters.

  3. heidenkind: i am indeed, last time i needed comforting from a book was The Time Traveler’s Wife. i came into the kitchen in tears and he was all “wtf?” but that cuddle was VERY necessary

    Phyl: hmmm, well obvi i didn’t go too much into detail about the book in my post, but the characters in Dome certainly get their fair share of page time, there is a teenager with a brain tumor making him kill people, a local stateman running a used car dealership AND a meth lab, and an Iraqi war vet flipping burgers but is the main good guy….

    hmmm now that im typing up about these characters it sounds like im really focusing on their actions…i dunno im not the most analytical reader

  4. The cover reminds me of the dome in The Simpsons movie. I would love to read this one because King is my idol, but at 1000+ pages it would take me months!

    You’re a good woman for trying to read this one.

  5. How considerate of you not to wake your husband up. I used to do that before m darling man told me it was “ok” to wake him when I’m freaked… So I do, sometimes you have to do it. I’ve found it to be a very worthwhile pursuit…

  6. Katie: i know, its one of those cost/benefit things, every hour i give up to read this, i could have read 3 shorter ones!

    Rosie: he probably wouldn’t mind, but i wasn’t thinking straight at the time, i was so confused from my nightmare!

  7. i’m not reading this because now i feel like i need to read the book since it’s scarred you so…. BUT i will comment that i *always* have to be big spoon which i thought was because of chuck. not true, little spoon makes me all panicked i found out (again) recently. i do the whole i’ll just put my hand near him very lightly when i have nightmares.

  8. it took me like 6 months to read world war Z because i kept getting nightmares! except i LOVED it, so i kept trying. if i read it during the day i was OK, i just couldn’t read it before bed… but i’m at WORK during the day so it was slow going :-)

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