Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Title: Leviathan

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Published: October 2009

Pages: 448 pages (hardcover)

Genre: YA Fantasy

Standalone or series: The first and only published book in a new series. The next one, Behemoth, will be out in October 2010.

Why I read it: Oh the Book Smugglers of course *grinning* who else? (Their awesome review is here)

Source: The library

First things first, I have no knowledge of this “steampunk” business but thoroughly enjoyed this adventurous tale of two teens from opposing nations on the precipice of war. I loved the story and the language. It certainly wouldn’t be the same without the steampunk elements, but in terms of my reading preferences I could take it or leave it. Just personally I don’t get all excited about imaginative machinery possibilities or fabricated animals.

It was definitely cool, but other people will geek out over steampunk way more than me. I was more all about the adventure, action, and the heart of the story. Two teenagers destined for great things during war-time! Ahhhh the classic YA fantasy set up :)

And the heroine is disguised as a boy to stow away in the British (air) Navy! *closing eyes in bliss* I just love those spunky disguised heroines!

The language piece of this world building was so awesome with made up phrases, expressions, machines and animals such as the Monkey Luddites vs Darwinsits, fabricated animals vs Clankers, and I’m trying to introduce “barking” into my vocabulary, as in “you’re barking mad, hubby!”

While (supposing I was part of this world) ethically I’d be fine with fabricated animals made from spliced, combined, and twisted DNA strands, I definitely sympathised with some of the Monkey Luddites’ reactions to the “fabs” where I got a little nauseous at the descriptions of dogs with 6 legs, flying on the tentacles of a giant hydrogen filled octopus, and walking through the inside of a flying whale with skin, bones, and mucus all around you.

This was my best read in all of February coming in at an A-, and my first time reading anything by Mr. Westerfeld. I will absolutely be picking up the next installment in this series (from the library at the very least, the $20 price tag is a bit steep!) and am excited to read more about Prince Aleksandar and Airman (girl) Deryn Sharp.


6 Responses

  1. Oh yay! Wasn’t it awesome? So much fun! When they finally get to meet and I can’t to read more and and and HOLY BARKING SPIDERS *wink*

    One of my top reads of 2009. I have been told that there are some ROMANTIC developments in book 2 but you did not hear it from moi. *ninja*

  2. Ana: i loved it! Aleksandar and Deryn’s reactions to each other when the finally meet are so cute, he thinks she is such a “cool guy” and she wants to tell him her secret identity! *fingers crossed for romantic developments*

  3. oh man, this sounds RIGHT up my alley, but i’m trying so hard not to start series that aren’t completely written/published because i get SO SAD in between books…

  4. Have you lost all your friends, pets, and children yet? ;)

  5. Alice: i know i know, im totally the same way, but i think this is supposed to be a 4 book series? which im more likely to start than those ones that are like 10+

    heidenkind: sadly i only saw that review AFTER i read leviathan, so i guess im doomed!

  6. […] by Scott Westerfeld – I read the first in this series, Leviathan, almost a year ago (my review here) and loved it so am super excited to finally get around to reading the next. I think the 3rd is […]

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