Phoning it in Vol II

Still super busy at work, and STILL READING THE SAME BOOK FOR THE PAST 7 DAYS! Yes, all caps was necessary there, it hasn’t taken me 7 days to read one book in donkey’s years (especially one under 350 pgs!).

But here are some things going on that were too long for me to talk about in Twitter (yes, ive been on a lot recently even though i havent been blogging or blog hopping) so this is a bit longer than my last phoning it in post.


I’m all about diverse ways to enjoy the wonderful city we live in, but can’t believe I only just found out about the lecture series at The Smithsonian! I found it while looking for upcoming speaking events  with Greg Mortenson as I’m so moved while currently reading his first book Three Cups of Tea. (I may or may not have gotten very teary eyed and covered in goosebumps several times while reading it on the metro this morning). He’s coming to one of these Smithsonian events, but it was all sold out so I decided to look at a few of the others. It’s so funny because it’s so diverse! They have Laura Bush one week, then How To Write a Romance novel with Kathleen Gilles Seidel another week, directly followed by “Rome’s Deadliest Enemy: The Life and Legend of Mithradates (here is the list I was looking at).

Then I followed the NSFW link on the Smart Bitches today about waxing and bedazzling your vajayjay (vajazzling trend alert!), and they have a DC location called STRIPPERS! (i googled “strippers dc” to see if i could find a link, but gave up right away. you can imagine why ;)

I’m nothing if not open minded, so doesn’t morning at a Smithsonian lecture followed by a vajazzling session sound like a nice way to spend a Saturday in our nation’s capital?


Conversation with hubby during the Oscars…

Hubby: Wow, that girl, Zoe or whatever, got a lot darker, I guess she’s been tanning?

Me: Ummm, she’s always looked like that. I had such a crush on her in Center Stage.

Hubby: No I just saw her on a episode of The Office, she looked way less black.

Me: *puzzled face, trying to figure out what he’s talking about*

Me: *eureka face combined with outright laughter* Oh my God! That is a totally different person! Rashida Jones!


What is with people having NO MANNERS today? I feel like I’m watching society disintegrate before my eyes. Hubby and I went to the Rangers/Capitals ice hocky game on Saturday night and took the metro. It was pretty empty, only about 10 people in our car, one of whom was a 20-something girl playing a very loud video game on her phone with no headphones. The couple in front of her turned around and started an all out shouting match about turning it down/off. The last few lines of the argument were the best (or worst depending on your POV):

Video game: *doodle-doo dying noise*

Angry woman: *sarcastic voice* Oh that’s too bad, sounds like you lost. Will you shut up now?

Video game girl: I’m gonna spit in ya face!

Angry woman: I’d like to see you try!

Hubby and I: Thank God our stop is next!

Then during the national anthem at the game, right in the first few lines, the singer took a breath and during that brief second of quiet some jerk-Rangers-fan shouted “Let’s go Rangers!” to which some equally jerkish person responded “Shut the fuck up, douchebag!” I mean COME ON this is the NATIONAL ANTHEM.

Don’t even get me started on Kanye setting a trend for rudeness on stage. That lady at the Oscars made me boiling mad, regardless of her reasons, she still interrupted him (during the acceptance speech for Best Short Documentary) and was totally ungracious. Video here.

I know I sound like an 80-year-old cranky lady, but especially living in the city I feel like I see rude, rushing, selfish people all day.


I promised hubby I would get some good housecleaning done while he was away during the day on Saturday. He came back hours later to see nothing cleaned and me wielding a dust-rag at empty bookshelves and piles of books cluttering up the whole room. We had a slight disagreement about whether rearranging bookshelves counted as cleaning. I mean I was dusting the books AND the shelves, and they looked much prettier once all the books of the same height and all my series were together!

So that is what’s up with me! I’m vowing I will finish Three Cups of Tea tonight. Too many books on my TBR are calling my name, and I even have 2 overdue library books that I’ve yet to read!


3 Responses

  1. Hm, I don’t know, it just seems a lot easier to buy fancy underwear. :P

    I love watching things like the Oscars with my parents (read sarcastically) because they only get about half of the pop culture references, so they keep asking, “What does that mean? Who’s that? Why is that funny?”

  2. heidenkind: they certainly would last longer! and i cant totaly imagine you and your parents now! hope you were able to explain everything to their satisfaction ;)

  3. i’ve about given up on people around here having manners. i’m shocked if someone holds a door for me these days. i mean, back when i was on CRUTCHES people used to let doors slam in my face all the time. CRUTCHES.

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