Fun consolation prizes for everyone! And blogiversary winner

Since not everyone could win the giftcard up for grabs on my blogiversary post this week I thought I’d share something fun that EVERYONE can enjoy – bookish trivia and time wasting games online!

I know I know, I’m too generous. Just call it my noblesse oblige and good deed for the day to share these with you:

Hubby introduced me to the wonder that is have y’all seen their games before? He aced all the geography ones (he’s been working on a case for Eastern Europe so he knows all those tricky countries and capitals, even flags! which I fail miserably) but I loved the literature ones, of course! I would suggest:

Name Books By Their Covers (i didn’t have the same version of a few of these, but there were a few context clues)

Children’s Books by Their Covers

Opening Lines (oof i missed a lot of these)

Ok I won’t list them all, but there are also a ton of fun Harry Potter and Shakespeare ones! So you’re welcome! Enjoy your consolation prize of wasting time online.

Now without further ado, generated the comment number of our winner, and it’s commenter #25 which is


Congrats lady! Contact me at lustyreader at gmail .com so I can send that to you!

Happy weekend y’all and thanks for celebrating my blog birthday with me this week.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks…I just totally spent some quality time on that game site :) Now, off to the other things I was supposed to do today…

  2. Jennifer: i know! but since it’s trivia at least you’re exercising your brain, right? ok that was a sad attempt at validating spending over an hour playing free online games today!

  3. “Enjoy your consolation prize of wasting time online.”

    My FAVORITE kind of prize. ;-)

  4. Oh wow. Thank you so much! And thank you for sporcle. I love finding new haunts like that. :)

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