On my way to NYC and the end of BEA-BBC

Better late than never right?! Even though it’s the tail-end of BEA I’m on the bus up to New York with the perfect lusty snacks for my brain and tummy on this 5 hour drive. 

 I mean look at that chocolate bar, it was fate, how could I refuse?! 

“3.5oz of impure thoughts disguised as deliciously luscious all natural premium dark chocolate”


 I had to include the fine print on the chocolate bar as well since I enjoyed that also ;) 

Not pictured: the book I am DEFINITELY reading first! The newest Vampire Academy book by Richelle Mead – I got Spirit Bound in the mail last night after I already uploaded the above picture. But you can see my twitpic where I’m still on the floor after tearing the B&N package open. Also notice my new manicure for NYC, I went with trendy white, but now hubby won’t stop calling me “Catcher” because apparently baseball catchers paint their nails white? 


I lurved *g* KMont’s books she was bringing to BEA/BBC but I’m excited about my own stack of books that came in the mail with perfect timing. They are from winning Smexy Mandi’s mother’s day giveaway

They are: 

These next few days are gonna be super fun, I can just feel it! Full of great reading, great chocolate, great book bloggers, and family and friends! I’m seeing my in-laws who live in Northern N.J., my bestest bestie who lives in Manhattan, and meeting so many of you book bloggers for the first time, with a few nice familiar faces in there too! Can’t wait to tell you all about it, but for now, I gotta get back to reading and snacking…


3 Responses

  1. Have fun! And happy reading (love the twitpic!).

  2. Have a wonderful time. :-)

  3. Phyl: thanks! ive been super excited about Spirit Bound since i read the last one, can’t you tell? ;)

    Anna: thanks for visiting, hope you have a great weekend too!

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