Bloggers in NYC and May Lusty reading list

Much like my new favorite commercial for the NHL, there are no words to describe how much fun I had meeting various bloggers in New York City! Oh wait, you have to write words on a blog? Especially one about words in books?

 Hmm, well a picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Although I wasn’t able to go to BEA during the day since I had to work (sadface) I was super excited to meet some of my favorite book bloggers at a get together arranged by none other than The Book Smugglers Thursday night. They have a full group pic up, but here is one I was able to get on my camera:  

Thea, Angie, moi, Anna

 The bar was very swanky and the rain outside could not dampen our mood. After I was over 30 minutes late to dinner with several DC area bloggers last month I was DETERMINED to be early, and Heather of Age30Books was too. We made eye contact as we hovered awkwardly over the reserved table and were the first to tentatively say “hi, are you a book blogger?” Saying that out loud gave me nervous butterflies at first, like what if she wasn’t? and how dorky do i sound? But by the time we greeted the 8th, 9th…person at the table it was an exciting thing to exclaim! Heather and Kristen from Fantasy Cafe were some of the few new-to-me bloggers I met that night. I also got to chat briefly with Christine from The happily ever after who I know from weekly Library Loot posts, Janice  of Janicu whose recent post on her new nook made me want to buy one for Father’s Day, and the lovely KMont from Lurv a la Mode. We had a long table so I didn’t get to talk to everyone, hope I’m not forgetting anybody!

 Then there were the women I’ve traded so many emails, guest posts, blog comments and tweets with, Angie (Angieville) and Thea and Anna (do I even need to say their blog name?). Our conversations ranged from rehashing topics we’ve talked about online, books we’re reading now, thoughts on long series and when you have to break up with them, and chatting about our significant others and our actual real lives! I also finally got to mock-scold slash thank Thea and Anna profusely for prompting me to read so many books they recommend. They said they had been hearing that from everyone they met at BEA and BBC! Hmm, I wonder why? *tapping finger against chin* They are book-pimps extraordinaire!

 It was an absolutely lovely night all in all, and convinced me that next time I really need to take the time off work and make it to the actual Book Expo!

 I also wanted to put up my May reading list – last month I read 1 YA fantasy, 2 paranormal romance, 5 historical romance, 1 contemp romance, and 2 In Death books which almost defy classification…  

  1. Loyalty in Death, JD Robb A my fave (well, tied with the first) so far in the series!
  2. Sprit Bound, Richelle Mead A-
  3. All Thought the Night, Connie Brockway A-
  4. The Windflower, Sharon and Tom Curtis A-
  5. See Jane Score, Rachel Gibson A-
  6. Witness in Death, JB Robb B+
  7. A Rake’s Guide to Pleasure, Victoria Dahl B+
  8. Pride Mates, Jennifer Ashley B-
  9. The Taking, Erin McCarthy B-
  10. Secrets of the Heart, Kasey Michaels C (did not stand the test of time, was one of my faves when I first started reading romance, but when I picked it up 12 years later it fell flat for me)
  11. Mistress by Mistake, Maggie Robinson DNF


 I’m thinking of actually writing some reviews about some of these, so stay tuned!


11 Responses

  1. Yay! You got to meet the Book Smugglers! And KMont! And Angie! How awesome!

    Also awesome? All four of the books I loaned you got good grades. Yay! Go Kati with the mad pimping skillz! :)

  2. (Why do I have such immense cheeks?)

    It was SO awesome to have met you! thanks for coming to our parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *grin*

  3. So jealous! But I got to see you a few weeks before everyone else! neener ;P

    Ana, your cheeks make me want to give them a nice pinch ;)

  4. oh how fun! i love a good blog meetup! :-)

  5. Wow, it looks like you had an amazing time! And just look at that pic of smart, gorgeous bloggers – gotta love fellow readers :) You guys look fabulous.

    I’ve read some of the books on your list, and have to agree. Yeah, #11 didn’t work for me either :(

    Have a great week!

  6. Kati: meeting everyone face to face was surreal (after i typed that it made me think of when he says that in Notting Hill *dreamy sigh*) and your batch of borrowed books was full of good ‘uns!

    Ana: awww puhlease its just cos your smile is so big!

    KB: i know, it has been such a fun few weeks of meet n greets, but your ears must have been ringing…or itching…or whatever they’re supposed to do when people talk about you, because you were missed!

    Alice: ive never had a bad meet up with bloggers *fingers crossed* and hey, maybe i’ll see you at the DC one this Friday?

    Stacy: it really really was, plus i just LOVE NYC. i dont know if i could ever live there, but visiting makes me so happy.

  7. Lol. Your cheeks are not immense, Ana.

    I’m so glad you drove up for the party! It was great getting to meet you and chat. You definitely need to come up for longer next time. :)

  8. Aw I wish I could have been there for all the fun. Next year is a must.

  9. It was so nice meeting you! I feel all warm and tingly that the nook post helped you decide to get one for your dad. :)

    And I agree with you on romance. I wish less people treated the genre like everything in it is trashy! There’s so much to be read within that genre you can’t just paint it all the same color. And I like HEAs. Nothing wrong with that.

    Ana’s cheeks are fine. :

  10. What fun to meet face to face with fellow bloggers. I often wish that could happen with some of those who you feel like you get to know through their blogs and comments on yours.
    A book you might enjoy is The Art of Racing in the Rain. I think it can be categorized as a love story.
    BTW, you were linked to my blog which is how I found you.

  11. […] we met at BEA last year  so it was awesome to greet each other with a hug and chat all about our families, home life, and […]

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