How to Knit a Wild Bikini, by Christie Ridgway

  • Title: How to Knit a Wild Bikini (awful title, the book is 100 times better than that title implies)
  • Author: Christie Ridgway (author website)
  • Published: June, 2008
  • Pages: 304 pages (mass market paperback)
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Standalone or series: Can be read as a standalone, first in a connected three books about half sisters finding love in Malibu. 
  • Why I read it: AnimeJune’s fantabulous review.
  • Source: Library.
  •  This was my first Christie Ridgway book and I’m salivating to read the rest of her backlist, and I don’t usually even like contemporary romance!

    This book was super fun, cute, and very entertaining. There was a LOT going on though, and while I thought the author handled the many many plot threads well, and all the secondary characters, heroine’s issues from being raped as a teen, lots of other emotional baggage and current obstacles for the H/H to get together were also handled well, I felt like some of them could have been fleshed out more, or left out to concentrate on a tighter storyline.

    That being said I don’t really know what I would change because I enjoyed each of those pieces of this book sooo much! Playboy and confirmed bachelor Jay changed his ways quite a bit during the book as his new pretend-lesbian-live-in-chef Nikki starts to get under his skin and into his heart. But that doesn’t mean his thought process changes right away and it was fun being in his head, like this quote when Jay is observing his friend confessing his devotion to his lover:

    “How could you imagine that I don’t love you? That if something happened to you, it wouldn’t kill me too?”…

    Jay shuffled back, embarrassed by the other man’s very Latin, very emotional outburst. He almost held his breath, just like he did when he got in an elevator with someone who was sneezing. Shit like that might be contagious.

    Jay and Nikki’s scenes together were also full of such fun dialogue and observations about each other, the writing throughout the book was snappy and attention grabbing and I felt each scene was important.

    Ok, how many times have I said fun now? So while this would make a great beach read some of the emotional baggage from past issues definitely covers heavier topics and really got to me emotionally, so I felt satisfied on all levels of my reading preferences. Including the lusty scenes, they were pretty steamy, though I wouldn’t have minded of seeing more of Jay’s prowess due to his oft-touted history ;)

    A- overall grade for me, I loved following Jay and Nikki’s journey to their acceptance of their feelings for each other.


    6 Responses

    1. So glad you liked this book! It’s so good!

    2. AJ: i cant believe i hadn’t heard of her before, i was totes missing out. its all thanks to your excellent review ;)

    3. If you like Ridgway…you must read her book, “Must Love Mistletoe.” It’s hilarious, and sweet, and the male character is full of all that good stuff we girls like. I used to read nothing but suspense. Then for about two years I read nothing but Historical. Then, I finally threw in the towel and now I read everything…so, you’re getting there, too :) I love watching that happen with you, cause you are so surprised about it and it’s fun to see!

    4. Jennifer: thanks for the rec, i must admit her backlist is so huge it was hard to know where to start! im right there with you, where i tend to read a lot of one sub-genre until im sick of it and move on.

      also when i first started reading romance in the 90s i HATED 99% of the contemps i read & that were published then, so i gave them up for like 10 years. i can be a stubborn wench!

    5. I can’t believe I’m going to say this….but I’m giving it a C. Ah! The blasphemy- I know, I know! I wanted to adore it, I really did. And I did at first. But then I got tired of all the sex scenes (guess I don’t like the lusty bits as much as you, lol). I was entirely more interested in the Cassandra/Gabe and Shanna/Jorge storylines than Nikki/Jay. I just couldn’t empathize with Nikki’s character at all. Boy that makes me sound cold hearted, doesn’it ?? The whole interaction between N&J was just so sudden for me. I mean, I know we only have approx. 300 pages to work with, but they didn’t need to be making out by page 5, or whatever it was:) That being said…I’m intrigued enough by the ending that I went ahead and started the next book. I’m really liking Juliet’s backstory, so hopefully, she and Noah can stay out of the bed/car/pool/etc. until at least page 10. I’ve got my fingers crossed:)

    6. Jessica: awww sorry it didn’t work as well for you, but im glad it was still good enough you want to try more! she has QUITE the backlist, so plenty to choose from. i read the teaser at the end of WILD BIKINI for Juliet and Noah’s story and am equally intrigued.

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