Sorry local tweens, I took all your good library loot!

There are a bunch of bloggers I could blame/praise (I call some out below)for my recent YA glom-fest, but my practically divine Jennifer Echols reading experience really cemented this recent trend. After falling so hard for Going Too Far I knew I couldn’t put off other recommendations any longer.

     1. Perfect Chemistry, by Simone Elkeles: everyone and their mother have rec’d this one, especially for Jennifer Echols fans, in fact I’ve even seen their names confused and muddled together in a few different places too! This high-school romance sounds a bit like the Kirsten Dunst movie Crazy/Beautiful because the book is about a white-cheerleader-girl meets hispanic-bad-boy when they’re paired together in chemistry class. Don’t worry, he doesn’t spend all of class breaking the side of the table off in his hand to keep from sucking her blood.* Yay non-paranormal yet still dramatic teen love stories!

     2. I Am the Messenger, by Markus Zusak: ok this was all due to Angieville’s retro friday post on how she picked this Zusak book up first, even while everyone was obsessing over his more recent release The Book Thief. I decided to copy her because I’m creepy like that *insert non-threatening winkyface here* I just finished reading this book and it affected me so much, it’s clever, moving, suspenseful, and utterly fascinating. When underacheiving-19-year-old cab driver Ed Kennedy starts receiving mysterious messages on playing cards he knows he has to follow their directions, or else… (also NOT paranormal, yayx2)

     3. and 4. I’m pretty sure Suite Scarlett is the first in this Maureen Johnson series, and then Scarlett Fever. I can’t remember where I heard about them first, but Janicu’s great recent review finally made me pull the trigger. I love books set in NYC and think I’m going to enjoy following 15-year-old Scarlett’s adventures!

So that’s the list. From the time. I took all the good tween books from the library! Sorry kids!

Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Marg and Eva.

*Hate that bullshit series. HATE. IT.


14 Responses

  1. Perfect Chemistry does sound a lot like Crazy/Beautiful. I’ll be interested to hear what you think.
    I watched Penelope last night on your rec and thought it was just adorable.
    Great loot!

  2. Linda: oh yay, so glad you liked Penelope, it is one of my new fave movies & it seems underappreciated to me. so supercute.

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  4. Markus Zusak is such a talented author! :) ENJOY!!!

  5. LR: he is insanely clever. each paragraph was almost poetry.

  6. If you can find it in the library I recommend Sarra Manning, an english ya author, she writes really cool books with lots of lusty bits.
    I haven’t read “I am The messanger” yet but I am looking forward to reading it

  7. I loved Perfect Chemistry! Wasn’t as impressed with the sequel though.

    Haven’t read the others but Enjoyed Johnson’s 13 Little Blue Envelopes which I really enjoyed!

    Enjoy your haul!

  8. I just order Perfect Chemistry a few days ago (it was only $4 on Amazon!), but if it hadn’t been that cheap I don’t know if I would have bought it. I’ve been behind the bandwagon. Also, I’ve never read Jennifer Echols.

    Marcus Zusak is AH-MAZING! I read the Book Thief and sobbed for days. I was in such a daze. I plan on reading I Am the Messenger soon. Just haven’t gotten around to it.

    My library doesn’t have Suite Scarlett. Just another book I must buy… *sigh* It sounds cute.

    Also, I love Penelope too! My friend and I tried to see the move when it was released, since we have a thing for James MacAvoy, but it wasn’t even in our theater! It was an outrage. Definitely underrated.

  9. Oooo~ I Am the Messenger, by Markus Zusak ~ I absolutely LOVED ‘The Book Thief’ and will have to pick up this one!

    Happy Reading!

  10. Emily: thanks for the rec, i really like a lot of authors from across the pond, the slang always cracks me up. and my library does have a few by sarra manning, yay!

    Mollie: ive also heard the sequel wasn’t as good, but im def reading Perfect Chemistry next from my TBR, i cant wait even one more day.

    Amelia: ive never read anything besides Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols, so i cant rec anything else by her, but that one was awesome! and cheers to another Penelope fan, we need to convert more!

    Milly: oh Zusak is a master writer, im just waiting for a day when im “in the right mood” for The Book Thief.

  11. I haven’t read any of your “loot” yet, but I love YA and will be reading some of these sometime soon, I’m sure. I did recommend ‘Suite Scarlett’ to my 14yo daughter recently based on the strength of many reviews I’ve read.

    Happy reading!

  12. I loved I Am The Messenger too but you really must read The Book Thief, it’s incredible. Not sure if you have checked out Kristin Cashore yet … Graceling first and then Fire. Beautiful!

  13. “Don’t worry, he doesn’t spend all of class breaking the side of the table off in his hand to keep from sucking her blood.* Yay non-paranormal yet still dramatic teen love stories!”

    You are my hero(ine)!! (This coming from a recovered Twi… um, ‘the series’ addict). HATED IT but went with the flow to obsess about it. But if you ask me now. I WILL give you a death stare – my best, that too… :D

    I loved PC so much that I read that twice. That is saying something coz I haven’t re-read anything non-Harry Potter related twice! LOL

    Yay! I am so glad that I stumbled on your blog!

  14. […] love cleaning out the YA section of my local libraries (I’ve done it many times before), I swear the DC/MD/VA area public libraries have AWESOME […]

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