June 2010 Reading List

Holy cow, 16 books in one month?! I seriously never know how much of a reading tear I’m on until I count them all up in the end.

Last month the new books I read were comprised of: 2 contemp YA, 1 paranormal YA, 4 chick-lit/lit fic, 2 historical romance, 5 paranormals.

June 2010

  1. Going Too Far, Jennifer Echols A+ (review here)
  2. Duke of Shadows, Meredith Duran A : dudes, one of my new favorites! Next time a non-romance reader asks you for a rec to get started in the genre, you should ABSOLUTELY give them this one. Rivals Lord of Scoundrels in that regard.
  3. Garden Spells, Sarah Addison Allen A- : my fave SAA book out of the two so far, even though it reminded a bit too much of the movie “Practical Magic” with Sandra Bullock.
  4. Darkfever, Karen Marie Moning A- : yes I wrote an ode to this series, yes I’m dying for the next release, yes I’m frustrated with a lot of what happened.
  5. Bloodfever, Karen Marie Moning A-
  6. Faefever, Karen Marie Moning A-
  7. Dreamfever, Karen Marie Moning B+
  8. The Sugar Queen, Sarah Addison Allen B+ : I love a curvy heroine, but ALL the characters in Garden Spells captivated me, as opposed to just 1 or 2 in this one.
  9. Bonds of Justice, Nalini Singh B+
  10. Stay, Allie Larkin B
  11. My Soul to Save (#2 in series), Rachel Vincent B
  12. When the Duke Returns, Eloisa James B-
  13. Twenties Girl, Sophie Kinsella C+ : very fluffy and light chick lit, with a ghost. Heroine was way too similar to all other Kinsella characters and Bridget Jones. It was cute, but not her best.
  14. The Daughters, Joanna Philbin C+ (review here)

Reread: Revealed by Kate Noble, Duchess by Night by Eloisa James (keeping track of these for my end of year stats)

Fingers crossed that I’ll have another such month of excellent and lusty reading!


10 Responses

  1. Great job! Hope July is going well for you too!

  2. Excellent month! I’d say that Garden Spells is also my favorite SAA. I do like that her books show some variety (except for the food part, lol!). I saw Darkfever was free on the Kindle site, so I downloaded it. As soon as I re-read all the highlander books, I’m starting in on the fever books. Cannot wait!

  3. I love to reread Revealed :) Have you read her latest – it is Byrne’s story..really cute.

  4. 16 book?! Rock on! I read ONE, yes ONE book in June. It was so sad. Luckily July has been much better on the reading front!

    I’ve been wanting to read The Sugar Queen for awhile, just haven’t gotten around to it!

    I liked Going too Far but I just though it was ok. I didn’t LOVE it like so many people seem to. I am looking forward to her new book!

  5. Linda: wellll, good books cometh before the fall i guess. i wouldnt say im in a slump now…but July was defintiely WAY better.

    Phyl: ive now read all 3 of SAA’s books and Garden Spells is still my fave. sometimes i love the first book i read by an author just because it was my first, you know?

    and im going to try the highlander books, but its such a long series and my lib only has the last 3. i just can’t buy 70% of a series. i cant!

    Mandi: im so much of a speed-reader that i can rereader 6 months later and still really enjoy the book! Noble’s latest is def on my wish list.

    Mollie: ooof, one book a month? the horrors. and ive totally gotten that “m’eh” feeling about super hyped books too. luckily right around the corner there is always another good find that will work for you better!

  6. You’ve had an amazingly productive month! I can’t wait to see what books you have completed in July!

  7. Yes, yes, yes. To everything you said in this post. LOL!

    How are you!? So sorry I haven’t been by since just after BEA. I hope you’re having a nice summer.

    I’ve read so many of those books you list for July reads OR am reading those series, etc.. and I just had to comment about a few things.

    One, is that I have read all three of Sarah Allen Addison’s current releases and Garden Spells is my favorite, although I adored each one. I also agree that it reminded me A TON of the movie “Practical Magic” but I happen to adore that movie, so I didn’t mind. LOL!

    Two, Duke of Shadows. Sigh. I LOVE this book to pieces. I happen to love all of Meredith Duran’s novels, to tell the truth, but this was my first and my favorite. I loved the settings, the romance, the angst, the passion… Probably my favorite historical romance so far. I wonder if I re-read it, if it would have the same appeal? Sometimes I’m afraid to re-read favorites because it might be a different experience two years later, you know?

    Great reading month! Here’s to August! :)

  8. Three, Going Too Far is an awesome read. I can’t find Echols latest anywhere near me, so I’m going to have to order it.

    I’m curious to know if you finished Perfect Chemistry yet and your opinion on it?

  9. Incredible reading list. I can’t wait to see what you have up for August.

    Natalie Acres

  10. […] during the month of December! *smug face* I haven’t done a monthly reading roundup post since June 2010 which is positively shameful but I hope to get back on track. Ch-ch-check out the 20 that I read […]

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