The time I lost my iPhone and heart on the same day

Regardless of what, who, or how you believe the universe operates sometimes the DARNDEST things happen and it’s hard not to think of them as coincidence, fate or luck.

I’ve had horrible days before – for some reason it’s never just one thing with me and for some reason WEIRD things happen to me where I seriously wonder if I’m on a hidden camera show. I’ll save some of the stories about disappearing christmas presents, stolen debit cards, and a lost umbrella during a huge rainstorm for another time – today we are talking about the time I lost my iPhone and my heart on the same day…

Imagine if you will….

*dream sequence music and ripples to scene*

Last week was the second week of my new (and fabulous!) job as a campus recruiter and I managed an info session for us at GWU’s campus. It was the third very late night for me in a row and while it was great every seat was filled with interested students it meant I had nowhere to sit for the 3 hours of presentations and networking. My poor feet stuffed into 3 inch heels did nothing to make me feel any less exhausted.

We finished around 10:30 and I huffed a sigh of relief as I freed my poor bound feet, wriggling my toes into flip-flops. The metro was right across the street from the campus building we hosted our event in, so rather than get a cab home I figured I could just sit on the well-lit metro for the 30 minutes it would take and read my book. I was deeply entrenched in Tsunami Blue’s adventures in her waterlogged world in the future with devilishly angelic and secretive Gabriel Black.

So engrossed was I that I didn’t notice until I got home that MY IPHONE WAS GONE!

I emptied my giant work purse until nothing but gum wrappers, pennies, and crumbs (don’t want to know what those are from) were left in the bottom. Not a trace of my precious iPhone. Disappeared, lost, missing.

*cue Lusty’s ultimate sad face*

*cue face of realization, turning from sad to angry!*

Someone must have stolen it! I knew I had it when I got on the metro, I used it to check when the next train was coming and to call hubby and I ALWAYS put it in the outside pocket of my purse because…you know…it’s so easy to reach there.

While it was my own carelessness that made me a target, people still shouldn’t steal. The thought of someone out there, putting their grimy fingers all over my beautiful touchscreen, looking at my email/apps/texts/all my stuff just enraged me. Perfectly incensed I threw myself down on the sofa, flung open my laptop, called the Metro Police right away, filled out an online stolen item form, called the DC police, called AT&T to have it turned off and called hubby to rant. I was a whirlwind of activity, knowing I wouldn’t get my phone back, but gaining some sense of power from the steps I could take. My voice shook with my anger at being violated like this in every conversation I had. Maybe it shook with tears a little with the hubby.

While it felt like my heart was hurting at such a personal loss, the big reveal on who actually stole my heart that night comes up next…

Me: I’m so pissed, honey! I know I shouldn’t have put it in such an easy place to grab, but still, people in this city are such animals.

Hubby: *ranting about how much money I’ve just wasted*

Me: I know, but trust me, I took all the appropriate steps, calling the police, the metro, and got the phone turned off right away, so don’t worry, no one’s calling China with it or anything and costing us more money.

Hubby: Did you try calling the phone before you turned it off to see if someone would answer?

Me: No! I didn’t even think of it because clearly the person who stole it is so nefarious they wouldn’t never answer and be helpful.

Hubby: Maybe you should try?

So I called AT&T, and after they nicely confirmed it wouldn’t cost me anything to keep turning on and off my service we got it all turned back on.

I called the phone, 3 times over 10 minutes. Amid fears of the evil thief playing with my precious baby I turned back to my laptop to look up the number for AT&T again and get it turned right back off.

As I clicked open Firefox my gmail inbox popped up with a new email that had just come in the past 30 seconds titled “Your iPhone”

My whole body broke out in goosebumps.

I could barely manipulate my fingers fast enough on the mouse and keyboard to get the email open. Here is the email, completely copied and pasted, word for word, I shit you not:

i surely hope this is your email connected to your i-phone…I found it on the metro and I’m desperately trying to return it to you but your phone turned off right away.  I can only imagine how upset you are. Please respond asap so I can give this back to you or the rightful owner. Thanks so much. – LaSheenya*

Yall, I can’t make this up. How the HELL did I get so lucky?!

And that is the story of the time I lost my heart to LaSheenya.

 There need to be more people like her in the world. She works at a restaurant and when I went to pick up my precious baby phone I really wanted to thank her somehow. I wanted to bring flowers and something else, but scrapped the flowers idea since she’d be at the restaurant for the rest of the day. I ended up just giving her a $50 visa gift card…and something else:

A hug.

While I lost my iPhone but got it back, LaSheenya you will always have a piece of my heart!

PS: yes i did get thoroughly browbeaten by hubby for clearly letting the phone fall out of my purse. or dropping it. or it fell out my pocket. or however i carelessly lost it.

*name slightly changed because hers is super unique

Money-less city living

To carry cash, or not to carry cash, that is the question when it comes to city living. This quandary put me at a HORRIBLE disadvantage at my library recently, no I didn’t have late fees, how dare you even think that *squinty eyes*, full story in a bit.

But most urban dwelling folks I know NEVER have cash, which makes splitting dinner with girlfriends a pain of 5 separate credit cards, and occasionally prompts hubby and I to glare at each other in frustration when it comes to taking a cab home from the bars.

I would be pissed at DC for not having credit card readers in their cabs like Boston, New York, and Chicago do (I’ve been to all three cities in the past 4 weeks!) but at this time I’m just too grateful that DC is now using METERS instead of the horrible zones system to calculate the fare. Yeah, that made NO sense and it’s sad that I’m so grateful for something that should have been a basic human right all along.

/dc taxi rant.

I’ve also gotten over my fear of charging really small amounts to my credit card. For some reason I got this weird sense of guilt for charging $2.02 on my card for an iced coffee, I would always try to pay cash. Lastly, when hubby and I combined our lives and finances in marriage he said he prefers we charge EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to the credit card to keep track of our expenses better – all bills, all carryout dinners, all grocery runs even if its just for milk, we even got the dogwalker to open up a paypal account. Plus we’re earning a shit-ton of miles and points! It’s actually great, VERY clear where all our money goes. We may or may not have even had a competition to see who could spend the least in a month (yes, I realize this is like the babysitter having a competition with the kids to see who could be the quietest for an hour) and I may or may not have cheated by spending cash every now and then to make my credit card bill seem lower. When I confessed to him I cheated at the end of the month turns out hubby did the exact same thing. We were destined to be together, I tell ya!

And then the reason I hide deep down inside for not carrying cash: getting mugged. This happens often enough in DC that I get really nervous if I’m carrying a lot of cash. Cards can be replaced, money can’t.

Everything is for purchase with plastic, I rarely even come across those signs that say $5 minimum purchase with credit card. After living in the city for 5 years I can’t think of any times I’ve truly been thwarted by “cash only” places. The Amsterdam Falafelshop in Adams Morgan only takes cash, but I have places like that memorized so I can plan in advance. Plus they have an ATM in their store, and again, living in the city means there is an ATM of some type on every block.

Here’s where my library comes in –  *shaking fist at sky in frustration* I was trounced soundly and thoroughly last week by the WORST KIND OF CASH ONLY situation a lusty reader ever could be:

A sign like that for a lusty reader like me was like finding El Dorado, like an oasis in the middle of a desert, like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, like all my brithday wishes and prayers coming true…ok enough with the hyperbole, you get what I’m saying. NOT ONLY that, but this was the first day of the sale! Look how FULL the shelves are!

And guess what, y’all?! I DIDN’T HAVE A DOLLAR TO MY NAME. Not one stingy bill, not 4 quarters, not 10 dimes, believe me I LOOKED. I shook out my giant work purse and scrounged like a beggar. Nada. Zip, Zilch. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried a little.

I got to the library when I was already 45 minutes into my lunch break. I know the area around my office well and since it’s sadly 30 minutes outside DC it was too suburb-y so there was nary an ATM be found nearby.I would have had to take like a 2 hour lunch break to go out and get money, go back to the library, then walk back to work.

I made a stack of the EIGHT books I couldn’t live without and kindly asked if I could “put them on hold.” My request was kindly denied. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried a little more. The librarian tried to comfort me by explaining this was their “small book sale” to clear out some inventory for their “BIG book sale later in the Fall,” but the sea of books for sale spread out before me, and the pile of 8 in my arms required instant gratification on my end and nothing else could appease me.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t crying throughout the whole conversation. I promise.


1. I’ve tried carrying “emergency $20” before, but always either a) use it for non emergencies or b) regardless what I use it for, I never replace it.

2. Now this is the worst, I would understand if wanted to squeeze out a few tears in sympathy for me. I WENT BACK THE NEXT DAY AND THE BOOK SALE WAS GONE.

Yeah, let that sink in.

GONE! GONE WITH THE WIND! Turns out not only was this the first day of the sale, but also the only one.

*quiet sobbing*

Hubby tried to comfort me by pointing out we don’t have any more shelf space, each shelf is double stacked, and my bed-side table and dresser-top are already overrun with piles of books, so I don’t really need anymore, do I?

I’m sure you’ll agree the librarian’s promise of future, bigger book sales was a much better comfort. He tries, he really tries, but he does not get what being a lusty reader really means.

And that is the story. Of the time. I FAILED the city-living question of whether to carry cash or not. BIG time.

July and August reading slump

In a last-ditch-blogging-effort before I start my new job and any free time goes down the toilet, I just wanted to wrap up a few posts…

Just call me Gaston from Gigi, almost every book I picked up these last two months had me sighing, “It’s a bore!”

Side note: I loved that movie when I was little (like 7, 8 years old) and only just realized Gigi was being groomed to be his mistress! wtf?!

Anyways, I honestly don’t know how to grade half the books I read these past two months because I’m SURE I didn’t like some of them, simply because my reading slump was afecting my perceptions. How else could I explain not liking a Sookie Stackhouse book? Or skmming through and almost falling asleep while reading two Sherry Thomas books? I love these authors, what am I doing being bored by them?!?!

August 2010

Girl in Translation, Jean Kwok A- I highly recommend, although the main character was faced with a really tough decision, the ending worked really well for me

A Wallflower Christmas, Lisa Kleypas A-

Bound By Your Touch, Meredith Duran B-

Dangerous Desires, Dee Davis B-

The Fixer Upper, Mary Kay Andrews B-

Beyond the Highland Mist, Karen Marie Moning B- very surprised I didn’t love this one, after all I adore time travels and I’m obsessed with KMM’s Fever Series. But this one…wait for it…sorta bored me.

A Bad Day for Sorry, Sophie Littlefield B-

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, Aimee Bender C+ the writing style didn’t quite jive with me, and I felt like…well sorta like nothing ever happened. The premise of tasting the feelings of the person who cooked your food was awesome, but the story never really advanced for me. And although “magical realism” doesn’t usually have any real explanations, I was frustrated with the super-weird brother and nothing being even remotely explained! Maybe I’m slow and just don’t get it, but I have no clue what his deal was. He was living inside a chair? Like he shrunk? Or made his body disappear and his conscious was in space?

The Carrie Diaries, Candace Bushnell C-

True Love and Other Disasters, Rachel Gibson C-

July 2010

How to Knit a Wild Bikini, Christie Ridgway A-

I am the Messenger, Markus Zusak B+

Perfect Chemistry, Simone Elkels B+

Crazy in Love, Victoria Dahl B-

Beauty, Robin McKinley B- tried this one after Sunshine didn’t work for me, so I wanted to give Ms. McKinley another chance. Sadly, I am done with her for now, I just don’t think she’s for me.

The Girl Who Chased the Moon, Sarah Addison Allen C+???

Seriously don’t know how to rate any of the books below, I was so bored with all of them *sadface*

His At Night, Sherry Thomas

Dead in the Family, Charlaine Harris

Private Arrangements, Sherry Thomas

Suite Scarlett, Maureen Johnson

To Surrender to a Rogue, Cara Elliot DNF