Library Loot: from my brand new public library!

Temperatures soared in DC this past weekend, staying in the 80s throughout the first week of October, continuing to break records, and making it hard to spend the day reading since it was so gorgeous outside. So what’s a lusty reader to do? Why, read outside of course!

Not only that but it was one of my first Saturday’s at home in a long time (see: we had 7 weddings this summer, and our own 2 year anniversary to celebrate recently) and due to budget cuts DC libraries close every day at 5 and aren’t open on Sundays. This means any office-worker with a Saturday social life or travel schedule is NEVER around when the libraries are open!

This made me especially sad because just LAST MONTH a brand-spanking-new public library opened across the street from my house. Literally! I can see it from our bedroom window. And I’ve never been to it since it opened. While it was being built a very very very small collection of books (no romance novels or popular fiction) was housed in a tiny, double-wide temporary trailer a few blocks away. I visited once, but it was so dreary with no good reading choices I booked it out of there in 5 minutes (pun intended).

So. I was super excited to visit my gorgeous new library and was not disappointed, I found every book I wanted, had a blast browsing, found out there is a 50 book check out limit (!), fell in love with the staircase decorations, and bonded with two teens when they came up to me because saw me checking out Eragon.

I started off the day sipping coffee and reading People Magazine on my couch where I learned about Bill Bryson’s new release At Home in the book review section. I’m a HUGE Bill Bryson fangirl and his books always include such interested tidbits, facts, and explanations about our world, language, culture and history, all while being entertaining. No offense to public libraries, but I always assume they are behind the curve on new releases, I never expected to find this book, just published last week, in my new branch library, but find it I did! And I was the first to check it out! Just looking at my due-date being the only stamp makes me so ridiculously happy. It’s a pretty good life when something so little can make my day :) 

Not only did I have an absolute blast trying out my new public library and find the one book I really went there hoping to get, but I made off with some other quite good loot too! From the first picture above:

  1. Eragon, by Christopher Paolini: first time reading this series!
  2. At Home, by Bill Bryson
  3. Will Grayson, Will Grayson, by John Green and David Levithan: just finished it, review here
  4. The Ghosts of Ashbury High and The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty: this author and series got rave reviews on The Booksmugglers. I’m not sure if they have to be read in order? These are the only two my library had on the shelf. 

Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Marg and Claire


12 Responses

  1. Yay, you got Moriartys!

    I read Ashbury High first and you don’t HAVE to read them in order BUT, these two are the only two directly related books in the series and would probably enjoy more if you read Secret Assingments first.

    I hope you looooooooove them as much as I did. I think Ashbury High is the best one.

    : D

  2. Yeah for new libraries! Enjoy your loot.

  3. Ana: im slowly making a dent in my Booksmugglers recommended reads list, it’s a long one! thanks for the heads up on the reading order, i will definitely do that!

    Linda: i will definitely be making time to go there any saturdays im in town, its just too bad they’re closed so much.

  4. You’re going to have to do a post and take pictures of your local library!

  5. You wrote: “This means any office-worker with a Saturday social life or travel schedule is NEVER around when the libraries are open!”

    Just a reminder that the main library @ 9th & G St. NW is open on Sundays!

  6. I must admit that I haven’t been to a public library in 5 years, but a 50 book limit just might take me there this weekend. I surf online so much that I often forget about the FREE books that are available! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. that’s some loot even i can get into! i have to get back into the library… the closest one just remodeled so maybe it’s better.

  8. lynette: ooo good idea! besides the staircase art they definitely have some great architecture and other art as well!

    Tony: thanks so much for visiting and commenting, im a huge fan of public libraries and did indeed forget about MLK being open on Sundays!

    firepages: im aghast! *gasping in shock* i would be dead broke if i didnt go to the library.

    mylittlebecky: hooray for new libriaries!

  9. Oh, I’m jealous! I think I’m eighth in line for At Home!

  10. Lynn: 8’s not tooo terrible, right? i was surprised i got it too!

  11. Glad you were able to check out your new library! Enjoy your loot.

  12. Thoughts on the new Bryson yet? I’m very intrigued by it — love love loved Walk in the Woods:)

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