Yawn and relax

Kedzie’s got the right idea here. And even though our tree is only 4 feet tall I definitely yawned myself after putting it up! Anyway, tis the time to yawn and relax.

Hope everyone is having as wonderful of a Christmas break and New Years weekend as I am!

Besides dealing with the New Jersey snowpocolypse while visiting my in-laws and almost sleeping in Penn Station when our train back to hubby’s suburb from the city was cancelled…it has been a MOST excellent vacation. Especially since my mother in law really gets me, besides Stuart Weitzman boots (!) look what else she got me for Christmas:

 So true, so true, cannot live without books!

And she found a box of old children’s books she’d saved from  when my hubby and his brother were little that she gave to me! The first 3 Boxcar Children books, Heidi, Matilda, and Black Beauty included! Man oh man did I marry into a wonderful family.

I will say that the pillow is adorable, and perfect for me, but I feel like I need to build a room around it, you know? Like now this little pillow means I need a library in my house. I mean it looks fine on one of our living room chairs now but it won’t look “right” until we get a bigger house and dedicate one whole room to books, shelves on every wall, and a big comfy arm chair with this pillow cradled in the seat. Like as soon as I opened the present and saw the pillow, I could only envision it with a personal library built around it. This is normal, right?


Either way, very happy holidays to all of you out there! Now excuse me…*yawn*…I’m going to cuddle up with Kedzie and my new pillow and get some reading done. One more week of vacation to go!


4 Responses

  1. I dream of when we one day upgrade out of this 1000 sq ft apartment and get a house. Yes.. library…. *eyes get starry*. A comfy place to sit would be key.. either a big comfy chair – the kind you can fall asleep in, or a day bed, or a big window seat with plenty of cushioning!

  2. Janicu: totally, im starry eyed with you! maybe a big comfy chair AND a day bed, so depending on what kind of mood you’re in you can pick. plus,w e all know reading for hours on end in one position can get uncomfortable, so we can switch it up….

  3. if i can’t have a full library, i’d at least like a reading nook. with either a chaise longue or a daybed, and a truly obscene amount of throw pillows.

  4. Alice: yes a nook would do quite nicely, great idea! much more likely that i would get a reading nook than a library

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