Liquidation sales don’t count when you’re on a book buying ban

So I didn’t tell you happened after I locked myself out in January…sigh…ok y’all read my last post (from over a month ago *sadface*) right?

Ok so what I didn’t tell you is that I locked myself out again the VERY NEXT NIGHT.

I went through a period of great self-hatred after that and simply could not speak of the incident(s) any further.

Needless to say it cost another pretty penny, but also cost me my sanity. I was soooooo angry at myself. It’s just so typically me. I ended up baking the cupcakes for my friend’s birthday, used the door with the drilled-out-broken-lock just fine all day Saturday, came home from the birthday party that night, took the dog out for a walk, and after 1 quick turn around the block I simply could not open the door. The knob would not turn. Locked. Out. Again.

The same locksmith guy came out again, so I made him come out on Friday night and Saturday night – when he left the second time I told him, “No offense but I hope I never see you again.” He said the feeling was mutual *sad trombone*

I should have replaced the door knob and broken lock myself during the day and Saturday but with hubby out of town I thought it would be ok if I just waited another day for him to come home and do it.

Most of the time my klutziness is amusing, or dare I say even endearing, but when it teeters into the harmful, costly, stupid side there is nothing to smile about. I’m sad to say that I have been labeled ditzy before and I hate that. Some examples:

When we were house hunting, the first time I saw the pictures of the place we eventually ended up buying I thought to myself, “It looks perfect! Except the stairs, those look dangerous” I have since fallen down them twice, with more to come I’m sure.

I literally got an email from my friend last week titled “I thought of you today” with the body of the email simply stating “I burned myself with my curling iron.” This is the type of thing that reminds my friends of me! I burned the crap outta my forehead the day before senior yearbook pictures with my curling iron.

I like to put things on my calendar for the wrong time accidentally, and even if I know what time things really do start, I’m always late.

I break dishes and glasses all the time while washing them in the sink.

I’m not super responsible in other areas too – one Saturday when hubby was at the office ALL day I promised I would clean the house while he was gone. I did NOTHING in the way of cleaning, but did watch instructional youtube videos for hours until I perfected the Cotton Eye Joe dance and the Cupid Shuffle. When he asked about the cleaning, my response of putting on music and doing line dancing wasn’t quite what he was expecting, and he wasn’t that mad…

So anyway. I’m a disaster.

So to counteract the hundreds of dollars down the drain for my stupidity of locking myself out, I am on a big time spending ban.

For the most part.

I just couldn’t quite stick to that spending ban when it came to the frivolous entertainment of books. I have a crazy-long holds list going on at my local libraries (yes plural, I use both DC and VA for maximum exposure to free books, the differences in their stock is staggering) but when I heard about my local Borders’ liquidation sale I couldn’t pass it up.

I mean they’re practically FREE! All the books I usually buy are mass market paperback romance novels, so regular price they’re like $6-$8,  so then with a 30% discount it’s like I’m not even really spending money. Liquidation sales don’t count when you’re on a book buying ban!



I couldn’t resist the allure of the 9873524897 sale signs all over my local Borders and marched right up to the door, my wish-list already pulled up on my Goodreads app on my iPhone. I prepared for the inevitably long line by emptying my purse of all heavy things, going to the bathroom before I left home, and making sure my iPhone was fully charged, then when I got to the long line I happily started reading one of my new books!

Borders closings are sad, local DC blogger Malnurtured Snay wrote many a personal take on the bankruptcy and liquidations, so while in general its bad news such a big firm is doing so bad, the sale was great as a customer :)

I ended up with 6 fabulous books for only $37 and put a serious dent towards finding books off my wish list that aren’t at my local libraries!

All of these but one are new-to-me books I’ve never read but have been wishing for for a while. The only one I’ve read is Going Too Far which I checked out of the library twice already because I just adored it so much, so I figured I should probably buy it!

But now I’m going back on my book buying ban. I swear! Unless there’s another great sale, or maybe I just happen to stumble upon a cheap used book store… *shakes self* No, no, no! Bad self *slaps wrist* Ban is in full effect, for realsies!



9 Responses

  1. :( on locking yourself out two days in a row and all the bad juju with stairs and dishes.

    I concur that liquidation sales don’t count. Plus. When you lock yourself out, you need books to cheer yourself up dude!

  2. janicu: now i have a mantra every time i go to walk down the stairs, it goes like “don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall” its been working so far, but i know one day i’ll forget and slip again!

  3. You know what I miss about DC? Books For America…

  4. I am a bit of a clutz myself. Sometimes I think that it’s me being overly careful, other times, who knows? I have a slatted staircase and although my fear when we bought the house is that my foot would slip through a slat, what has been a problem is the landing between the two flights. I forget that it’s there in the dark and just keep stepping down and then get all tripped up.

    As for your lock out experience… you need a hide a key! I think I mentioned that in the first post ;)

  5. my friends associate any random / stupid / weird / unique injury with me. ummm.. i might have earned that, though :)

  6. Thanks for the link! It was very sad, but I’m over it now, and greatly enjoying my new part-time job.

  7. […] along with my recent book buying ban, I have been seriously hitting up the library for all of my lusty reading needs…well not all, […]

  8. Suburban Sweetheart: ooo i have totally been to the BfA store in dupont, it was good!

    Ti: exactly, sometimes you look at something and just *know* its going to trip you up…literally ;)

    Alice: oh girl, you WIN in those categories. or lose, im not sure, ha!

    Malnurtured Snay: alls well that ends well

  9. […] as I started finding ah-mazing books, but I knew I couldn’t get all of them (see earlier: book buying ban [i love making excuses to break this, liquidation sales and library sales totally dont […]

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