Library Loot: the one where i lied to you

I’m really sorry y’all *hanging head in shame* but I totally lied to you.

Not on purpose though, I swear!

I told you I couldn’t go to my library’s huge book sale. Well I lied, because I went…but only because I made it happen. That’s what I love about being a grown-up, livin life by your own rules, eating thin mints for breakfast, not packing for a trip, taking the day off work, and being late to the airport. Yes those are all things I did on Friday when I went to the library! I got to the airport 40 minutes before my plane took off, so squeaked through the security line just in time to board. I really didn’t think I could make it to the book sale since I was leaving that day for a bachelorette party in Charleston, but somethings you just have to make happen and I decided I couldn’t miss this.

And LOOK what all I got! I had quite the loot waiting for me on the holds shelf (along with a totally weird DVD I definitely did not reserve) but I also made out like a bandit at the sale.

First from the holds shelf (above):

1.   Why yes I AM newly obsessed with the Mercy Thompson series and quickly glomming through them for the first time, how did you know? I considered myself very lucky I’ve been able to check out all the books in the series, except the most recent release, all right away! So fun to discover a new series that already has quite the back list you can read in a row. I am NOT interested in cliffhangers and spread out release dates (yes I’m looking at you Fever Series where I’m still on the 234987 person waitlist for Dreamfever). Anyways, they are super fun, but remind me a lot a lot a lot of the Sookie Stackhouse books and I am so so so sick of reading about vampires, but luckily they haven’t played too much of a role in the Mercy Thompson books so far. I’m excited to learn more about Mercy’s Indian heritage about her skills as a “walker” coyote-shifter.

2.   Georgia Bottoms, by Mark Childress: saw the review in People magazine a few weeks ago and was intrigued enough to make myself 10th on the holds list – which also made me think this would be good if so many others at the lib wanted it ;) Also, as you may recall I’m obsessed with all things Southern, especially literature-wise, so I’m excited to read it!

3.   PBS Colonial House DVD this was on my shelf, with my first middle and last name printed out on a ticket inside the case but i did NOT put this on hold ;) not that i dont find life in 1628 fascinating! so yeah, i did not bring it home with me.

Now for the fabulous BOOK SALE. It was so huge, it took up half the underground garage. Thousands upon thousands of books, hardcovers, paperbacks, classics, new releases, DVDs, VHS, CDs and at least 50+ people were there right when the gates opened.

It was $1 a paperback. Trade or mass market. I was in heaven. Heav. En. I was a huge rush (see earlier: on way to airport) so frantically tweeted for help as I started finding ah-mazing books, but I knew I couldn’t get all of them (see earlier: book buying ban [i love making excuses to break this, liquidation sales and library sales totally dont count] and recently have NO shelf space, or anywhere left to stack books in my house). Twitter helped me pick between these Loretta Chase books (thanks ladies!), but here is what I ended up buying overall:

These books were promptly hidden below the car seat they rested on in the pic above as I zoomed off to the airport! Belong to Me  was one of my top reads in 2009 but I had checked it out from this very library, and I borrowed Can You Keep a Secret from my friend at work who owns it several times, so I was also happy to buy both of these favorites to own.

Lessons in French, The Last Hellion, and Lord Perfect  are all new to me reads, but after hearing their titles a million billion times and NEVER finding them to just borrow from the library they were work the $1 investment.

So that is the story. Of the time. I said I couldn’t go to the library. Or buy books. And I lied and went and came home with nine .

Library loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Claire from The Captive Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

Secrets, secrets, tell someone!

That’s how the expression ends, right? Don’t keep good secrets to yourself?

Well I know I should keep this a secret so I can get all the best books myself, but it was really the cute graphic that pushed me over the edge. I’m not kidding, as soon as I saw this jpg I was bitten with the urge to share!

Sheesh, I don’t know what kind of employees or volunteers their library has, but that is one adorable button!

This one’s for of my neighbors in the DC/MD/NOVA area who lust for books (with lusty bits in them, or without). The Central Arlington Library is having their HUGEST OF THE HUGE book sales this weekend. Way better, more serious, and seriously bigger than the fabulous one I posted on last Fall, yes more books than I put in that post! Here is their picture of last year’s Spring Sale! More details from their website here. 

So why aren’t I nervous you’ll take all the books I want? Oh because I’m out of town this weekend. That’s right, please feel sorry for me. I welcome it. I have the worst of luck with these sales, last time I had no cash, and this weekend I will be at a fabulous bachelorette party in a free beach house in 80 degree Charleston, SC when I’m on a book buying ban anyways.

Oh wait, maybe you shouldn’t pity me too much.