Secrets, secrets, tell someone!

That’s how the expression ends, right? Don’t keep good secrets to yourself?

Well I know I should keep this a secret so I can get all the best books myself, but it was really the cute graphic that pushed me over the edge. I’m not kidding, as soon as I saw this jpg I was bitten with the urge to share!

Sheesh, I don’t know what kind of employees or volunteers their library has, but that is one adorable button!

This one’s for of my neighbors in the DC/MD/NOVA area who lust for books (with lusty bits in them, or without). The Central Arlington Library is having their HUGEST OF THE HUGE book sales this weekend. Way better, more serious, and seriously bigger than the fabulous one I posted on last Fall, yes more books than I put in that post! Here is their picture of last year’s Spring Sale! More details from their website here. 

So why aren’t I nervous you’ll take all the books I want? Oh because I’m out of town this weekend. That’s right, please feel sorry for me. I welcome it. I have the worst of luck with these sales, last time I had no cash, and this weekend I will be at a fabulous bachelorette party in a free beach house in 80 degree Charleston, SC when I’m on a book buying ban anyways.

Oh wait, maybe you shouldn’t pity me too much.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you Thank youuuuuu!! Are there any titles you would like me to look for since you’ll be missing it? Let me know!! Have fun in charleston!

  2. Amanda: awww you sweetie, thanks for thinking of me! i spent the whole week super sad i wouldnt get to go…but ended up deciding to be stressed and push my time limits and rush tot he book sale on my way to the airport!

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