Library Loot: return from hiatus

I love cleaning out the YA section of my local libraries (I’ve done it many times before), I swear the DC/MD/VA area public libraries have AWESOME Young Adult fiction selections (kudos to the buyers in charge!) but rarely have any of the adult books on my wish list. So I did it once again…check out my library loot (back on board with this meme 6 months after my last Library Loot post…)

I got some of the hottest titles right now (according to all the “best of 2011” posts in my google reader) and I wasn’t even on the waitlist, just grabbed these beauties right off the shelves.

And look at the gorgeous covers, YA really has the most beautiful and creative cover-art out there these days…that I regularly see anyways..

I thin my impetus to read all of these was mainly from The Book Smuggles (of course, they say jump and I say – how high?) but I think these are all fairly popular titles many of my bookish internet friends posted about that I missed while I was too busy to read these past 6 months!

1.  Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld – I read the first in this series, Leviathan, almost a year ago (my review here) and loved it so am super excited to finally get around to reading the next. I think the 3rd is already out too?

2. Legend  by Marie Lu – Hopping on board the “YA dystopia new release” bandwagon. Have low expectations for alllll of these so-called YA dystopias but looking forward to some entertaining brain candy at the very least with Legend!

3. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – All I know is that this review at The Book Smugglers made my fingers positively itch to pick up this more unusual read.

4. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa – This is one of those series where I feel like I’m the only one who HASN’T read them! Looking forward to discovering the hype for myself over this faery-world with secret princesses and Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired characters.

Library loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Claire from The Captive Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

9 Responses

  1. YA does have the best covers. I haven’t read any of these books, though.

  2. I haven’t read the Julie Kagawa books either.. to the point where I wasn’t sure The Iron King was the first book! But it is. I just checked. :)

    And yup, book 3 of the Leviathan series, Goliath is out too!

  3. This is definitely some loot to get excited about! I, who am usually so oblivious to recent fiction of any genre, have actually heard about all of these and only wonderful things in each case. Enjoy (and welcome back to Library Loot)!

  4. heindenkind: its a YA cover conspiracy to keep all the good cover-artists to themselves ;)

    janicu: omg you havent eitther?! ok if *you* havent read the iron fey series yet i dont feel as bad, ha

    Claire: it was an exciting week for me for sure, and im happy to be back, i love this meme!

  5. Welcome back! Yes, those are some hot YA titles there. I love finding those on the shelf. Enjoy!

  6. ok, i’ve been convinced (thru eavesdropping you on twitter) to sign up for goodreads. and scott westerfeld has been added!

  7. I’ve really missed your Library Loot posts…so happy to see them return! And I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The Iron King. I’m not a big YA fan, but I keep hearing fantastic things about that one.

  8. linda: so glad to see you are still going to strong with library loot too :)

    alice: goodreads has changed my life for the infinitely better, and that is not hyperbole i assure you

    jessica: awww ive missed being around the interwebs too! the Iron King was good, but ive been reading SO MUCH good stuff lately that its not one of the best for me personally

  9. […] reading the moment I brought it home from the library. I got the 2nd in this trilogy, Behemoth, in last week’s library loot and I was completed hooked, enamoured, and obsessed with these characters, their intricate […]

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