December 2011 Reading List

To make up for not reading ANY BOOKS AT ALL (zip, zero, zilch) while I was travelling around so many campuses this past Fall *sob* I really made up for my lack of lusty reading by devouring *20 books* during the month of December! *smug face* I haven’t done a monthly reading roundup post since June 2010 which is positively shameful but I hope to get back on track. Ch-ch-check out the 20 that I read with some brief thoughts on a few as well:

December 2011 Reading List

  1. The Queen of Attolia, Meghan Whalen Turner (#2 in The Queen’s Thief quartet): A+ I loved this whole series, but adored this one the absolute MOST of the four because it really challenged me. Oh Gen, oh silly, clever, incorrigible, sneaky, sensitive, brilliant Gen, how I adore thee.
  2. The Thief, Meghan Whalen Turner #1: A
  3. The King of Attolia, Meghan Whalen Turner #3: A
  4. A Conspiracy of Kings, Meghan Whalen Turner #4: A
  5. Elemental Assassin Series Books 1-5, Jennifer Estep: A Gin is just plain cool (and not because she is part Ice elemental, ha). As soon as I finished reading the first in the series I immediately downloaded the next 4 and read them all deep into the night back to back in several days over the holidays. There are more books in the series after the 5th but one through five sees a particular storyline to conclusion.

10. Lion in the Valley, Elizabeth Peters: A Just started reading the Amelia Peabody series for the first time last month and this 4th installment is my absolute favorite in the series so far! It is the most salacious and dramatic so of course I loved it. Ooooo that Master Criminal!

11. Crocodile on the Sandbank, Elizabeth Peters (#1): A

12. What I did for a Duke, Julie Ann Long: B+ Very cute and got me intrigued to read more about the Eversea and Redmond families.

13. A Visit from Sir Nicholas, Victoria Alexander: B+

14. The Curse of the Pharaohs, Elizabeth Peters (#2): B

15. The Mummy Case, Elizabeth Peters (#3): B

16. Delicious, Sherry Thomas: B

17. Divergent, Veronica Roth: B- I was very into this while reading it (got a little sweaty, there are MANY tense moments!). Reminded me of Ender’s Game on a smaller scale. I liked it, didn’t love it as there were too many holes/unexplained things in the worldbuilding, but will definitely read the next book in the series when it comes out…from the library ;)

18. Lady Sophia’s Lover, Lisa Kleypas: B-

19. Angelology, Danielle Turssoni: C- The writing style for more was like a more annoying and condescending Dan Brown. I also thought it skipped between too many frame stories and flashbacks. And don’t even get me *started* on the ending, awful. That said, I read it in one sitting, it was riveting and original.

20. Under the Cowboy’s Control, Lynda Chance: D pretty painfully misogynistic and simplistic writing.

I’ve kept some of my notes in my Goodreads reading list so you can also follow me there for my more “real time” thoughts as I read throughout the month. And for those of you that are already friends with me on GR some of the above might look a little familiar as I did copy/paste some things for this post.

So have y’all read any of these???


8 Responses

  1. I’ve been thinking I need to read the Amelia Peabody books. Yours is yet another recommendation to spur me on.

  2. Look at all those As for the Queen’s Thief series! Yay! :) I only read the first book in the Elemental Assassin series (I liked it) and SERIOUSLY need to get a move on with the rest. Also need to get a move on with the Amanda Peabody books (another one where I only read the first so far).

  3. Phyl & janicu: the Amelia Peabody series was on my wish list for like 2 years before i finally started reading them and they are AWESOME. everyone online says they get even BETTER as the series progresses, which is hard to believe since the first few are already so good!

    janicu: so glad you posted so enthusiastically about The Queen’s Thief series since you finally forced me to pull the trigger

  4. I *love* the Amelia Peabody series, totally glommed the whole set when I came across them a few years ago. Ha, I was just going to type that they get better when I read your comment above – it’s true!!


  5. Yay for the Queen’s Thief series! That’s one of my absolute favorite series. I’m actually hosting a week-long event for it next week, click here to find out more. :)

    I want to read the Amelia Peabody books but I still have other mysteries lined up in my TBR pile so might read those before I start on a new series. And based on your sidebar, you’re reading To Say Nothing of the Dog – really curious about that one!

  6. Were we separated at birth?? ;) I totally agree with you on all the books I’ve read on this list! Especially The Queen of Attolia. Love it!

  7. bookdaze: hooray for amelia, emerson and ramses! and one of the best phrases a bookworm can hear is “the series starts off great but only gets more awesome as you go” ;)

    chachic: thanks for the heads up about the Queen’s Theif event, i will def check that out. and im knee deep in To Say Nothing of the Dog…its…different but i like it and will keep y’all posted

    heidenkind: haha ive known our tastes are similar for a while-which is why i usually add books you rec to by TBR, ha

  8. Well, you can guess how thrilled I am that you loved the Queen’s Thief series that much. I adore them and QUEEN will always be my favorite, too. *sigh*

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