January 2012 Reading List

Soooooo…….I’ve been keeping track of what I’ve been reading in Excel and on my Goodreads page, but not posting it here. Time to change that! Especially because I am reading lots and lots and SO VERY MUCH of it is amazingly good. Mainly because everything on my TBR is a recommendation from twitter or other blogs.

I’ll post February tomorrow and March the next day, but here is a little bit of a teaser – the stats from my 3 months worth of reading. Lots of YA and lots of Fantasy (quite a few of the YA’s I read were fantasy too!)

January through March 2012 Lusty Reading Stats:

And here are all the books I read in January this year:

  1. If I Stay, Gayle Forman A+
  2. A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness A
  3. Behemoth and
  4. Goliath (#2 and #3 in Leviathan trilogy), Scott Westerfeld A for each One sick day at home = finishing all 560 pgs of Goliath in one sitting = PURE BLISS. best YA fantasy/adventure books ive read in years
  5. Good Girls Don’t, Victoria Dahl A-
  6. Just Like Heaven, Julia Quinn A-
  7. Warlord Wants Forever, Kresley Cole A- I wanted to hate this book, it was so…so…bad and wrong to me in some ways, so over the top controlling alpha behavior (borderline non-consensual), fated-mates, ridiculously unbelievable and yet…I LOVED it and immediately got the next two in the series. sigh. literary-feminist-reader fail.
  8. Dead Witch Walking, Kim Harrison B+
  9. The Good, the Bad, the Undead, Kim Harrison B+
  10. Every Which Way but Dead, B
  11. Legend, Marie Lu B
  12. The Iron King, Julie Kagawa B- The second half of this book was awesome, and anything to do with the mysterious new Iron King and the evolution of the Iron fey were my favorite parts. However I’m just not a big “faery” person, and I’m not into even a HINT of a love triangle, and I read a really AWESOME book right before and right after the Iron King…so what I guess I’m saying is this is not a bad book, it is a good book but these are just personal thoughts for me. This is a fun read for people into faeryland set books.
  13. Texas Hold Him, Lisa Cooke C+ Surprising not horrible for a free read on my iphone, not great, but not horrible!
  14. A Fistful of Charms, Kim Harrison C- Rachel Morgan annoyed me more than Sookie ever has by the time I got to this 4th book in the series! As a reader, I don’t enjoy being jerked around so much, make up your mind about what you want, Rachel! And I didn’t get any of the other characters’ motivations either. So confusing.
  15. Bad Blood, L.A. Banks D Unfortunately it was more the editing I think that made this not work for me – as in the story jumped all over the place, there were run on sentences and poorly phrased dialogue galore, and it just overall read as very unprofessional. Let alone the characters making horrible choices with no reasons behind their actions. I did not enjoy reading this book and can’t believe I finished it.

Ok, I’ll be back soon with my February and March lists! How as your reading been going so far this year???

4 Responses

  1. based on your stellar reviews, i think i’ll be downloading the Leviathon trilogy for my vacation next week!

  2. LOL.

    Your review of WARLORD WANTS FOREVER has me giggling.Sounds like it’s really . . . something.

    FWIW, I tired of Rachel Morgan very quickly. I don’t understand the devoted following at all.

  3. You’ve been reading a lot of scifi/fantasy! Is that your new favorite genre?

  4. Alice: *chanting do it do it do it* the books are so long they should last you thought plenty of travel and vacay time!

    Angie: so yeah, the Immortals After Dark Series…its my personal crack, like how the BDB must be for others, but i hated that series. i want to hate Immortals After Dark and rolled my eyes, sighed, closed the books as i’ve been reading them, but i just can’t stop!

    heidenkind: wellll ive never read real sci-fi before the Vorkosigan books, but i am DEFINITELY obsessed with PNR/Fantasy books these days. i gave up on them for months and months but after cleansing my “reading palate” im back to glomming them :)

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