Late Library Loot

I’m a day late on this weekly meme, but mainly because I got my library books for the week pretty late – at 8:30pm last night. This is a cause for celebration for me (hence my huge smile in this pic when i got home with my books last night) as my library is pretty much never open when I can go. It closes every night at 5:30 except on Wednesdays when it closes at 9, it’s open on Saturday but closed on Sunday. So any weekday I can’t go since I have a job, and I’m usually busy living my real life on Saturday. So Wednesdays before 9 it is! I’m not joking when I say I’ve skipped a happy hour or dinner on a Wednesday before to go to the library…

I expecially needed to make time to get my loot since I’m going to Seattle for vacation next week. It’s a 1 hour flight from DC to Philly and then a 5 and a half hour flight from Philly to Seattle. I’ve brought my ereader on plane trips before, but just get so annoyed with having nothing to read when all electronics have to be off. That’s a significant enough loss of reading time for me (and time to be bored with nothing to do) that I’d rather pack lots of dead tree books and take up suitcase space than have an ereader I can’t use for part of the flight.

Here is what I got for the trip:

Wanderlust by Anne Aguirre – I’ve heard good things about the Sirantha Jax series but just dismissed it as true sci-fi doesn’t typically appeal to me. I need to get the first in the series soon before I start this one, but I’m less scared by books set in space after falling in love with Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series and also trying Gina Koch’s Touched by an Alien.

Storm Front and Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher – So I’ve never tried this Dresden Files series and my library had the first two in the series in mass market paperpack just tempting me to give them a try. They weren’t even on my wish list. I’m scared I’ll love these because I don’t need to be addicted to another long series!

Not That Kind of Girl, by Siobhan Vivian – AnimeJune’s review here put this right on my wishlist, I think a few other YA readers have mentioned the author here and there too.

The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner – yes yes another YA dystopian series. The first book The Maze Runner came out in 2009 and this has been way down on my wish list for a while…but 10 hours of sitting on a plane in my future means I have plenty of time to read plenty of books on my wish list, whether they are near the top or not!

I’m also planning on buying a few new releases to read on my trip in addition to these library books…ummm wow thinking about this now I am clearly over-packing on books. *shoulder shrug* I’ll over-pack on books, clothes, shoes, and accessories no matter what, I’m sure! Although I don’t think it’s possible to have too many books or too many outfit choices on a trip, let’s be honest.

Library loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Claire from The Captive Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library

Going Overboard


I think I went a little bit overboard at the library this week #understatmentoftheyear

Now I understand what people mean when they say they’re afraid their reading pile is going to crush them!

It’s not like they were going to disappear if I didn’t check them out of the library RIGHTAWAY but I just couldn’t stop myself. I don’t know where to begin! I was reading Lori Foster’s Back in Black but I had only picked that up on a whim whereas the other 13 books I just got were all books that have been on my wish list or I’ve been in line for through the library holds list for a while. Since they are all highly anticipated for me I just want to read them all at once.

I decided on To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis and am really enjoying it but…

My eyes keep straying to this stack of books. It’s distracting! (and this picture reminds me I MUST take down my Christmas decorations and tree this weekend, sigh) I got several of these a few days ago which are detailed in this week’s library loot post and I’ll include the rest next week. So I have 30 days to read these 14 books. At least it’s a 3 day weekend with the MLK Jr holiday. My only other plans are dinner with friends and seeing Beauty and the Beast rereleased in theatres (im very excited). I need to put a dent in reading these so wish me luck!

Library Loot: diversity is the spice of life

No posts between last week’s library loot and this week’s, womp womp. But I’ll tell you exactly ONE reason why that is…I was too busy reading all the books I got last week in every moment of my spare time back-to-back to do much else!

In fact I already started reading one of this week’s new library loot when I got these yesterday because I just couldn’t wait, very few things make me as happy as a huge stack of GOOD books waiting to be read in front of me.

Now if you know anything about my reading tastes, you’ll know I read a little bit of every genre/sub genre as long as I think the book will entertain me. I also prefer happy/happier endings but a little 10% ish or more of “challenging” reads do sneak in to mix things up! So behold my diverse loot this week (only one YA this time but I have so many more on hold and on my TBR):

1. Dreams of Joy, by Lisa See – I haven’t read Shanghai Girls but I remember there was lots of buzz about it. So I picked this up with no research, other than it was on the end-cap of my library’s new releases , and I have a sinking feeling I should have read Shanghai Girls first. Oh well, I’m still looking forward to giving this much hyped author a try myself, can’t believe I haven’t read any of her much-lauded backlist yet!

2. Goliath, by Scott Westerfeld – ok so this is the book I started reading the moment I brought it home from the library. I got the 2nd in this trilogy, Behemoth, in last week’s library loot and I was completed hooked, enamoured, and obsessed with these characters, their intricate relationships, political drama, and of course the awesome fabricated creatures of this steampunk world. I was home sick yesterday and read Goliath for 6 straight hours pausing only to blow my nose or take a cough drop. It is one of the best books/series I’ve read in the past couple of years. Seriously. I loved it so much I live tweeted my favorite #Goliath quotes (without spoilers) as I read. The dedication page says it all *happy sigh*

3. Kindred, by Octavia Butler – so this is one of those 10% of books that sneak into my reading pile that challenge me. As a time travel novel that doesn’t focus on the sci-fi aspect of it, but rather as a method to explore slavery and african-american history, I doubt this will be my usual “reading for entertainment only” fare. But it was suggested by a friend at work and intrigued me.

4. Back in Black by Lori Foster – ok as a romance reader I’ve never read Lori Foster either *ducks in anticipation of rotten tomatoes* you want to know what prompted me to pick this up? I don’t usually like contemporary romances but my twitter feed has been full of people signing up for her conference so I thought I needed to see what the fuss was all about!

Library loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Claire from The Captive Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

Library Loot: return from hiatus

I love cleaning out the YA section of my local libraries (I’ve done it many times before), I swear the DC/MD/VA area public libraries have AWESOME Young Adult fiction selections (kudos to the buyers in charge!) but rarely have any of the adult books on my wish list. So I did it once again…check out my library loot (back on board with this meme 6 months after my last Library Loot post…)

I got some of the hottest titles right now (according to all the “best of 2011” posts in my google reader) and I wasn’t even on the waitlist, just grabbed these beauties right off the shelves.

And look at the gorgeous covers, YA really has the most beautiful and creative cover-art out there these days…that I regularly see anyways..

I thin my impetus to read all of these was mainly from The Book Smuggles (of course, they say jump and I say – how high?) but I think these are all fairly popular titles many of my bookish internet friends posted about that I missed while I was too busy to read these past 6 months!

1.  Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld – I read the first in this series, Leviathan, almost a year ago (my review here) and loved it so am super excited to finally get around to reading the next. I think the 3rd is already out too?

2. Legend  by Marie Lu – Hopping on board the “YA dystopia new release” bandwagon. Have low expectations for alllll of these so-called YA dystopias but looking forward to some entertaining brain candy at the very least with Legend!

3. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – All I know is that this review at The Book Smugglers made my fingers positively itch to pick up this more unusual read.

4. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa – This is one of those series where I feel like I’m the only one who HASN’T read them! Looking forward to discovering the hype for myself over this faery-world with secret princesses and Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired characters.

Library loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Claire from The Captive Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

Library Loot: Paranormal, I wish I knew how to quit you

Dear Paranormal Romances, Urban Fantasy, YA Paranormal, and cliff hanger series of any kind – I wish I knew how to quit you. Seriously 99% of the books I see recommended on twitter and blogs are of the Paranormal/UF variety. Any time I add a book to my wish list, holds list at the library, TBR…anywhere…seems to be part of a PNR/UF series.

And I can’t stop myself from reading them. (Unless they’re only about vampires…those I just can’t do right now). So here is my loot this week:

 1. <a href=”Eon""“>Eon, by Allison Goodman – first off, it’s bothering me enough to mention, but is pretty silly to whine about…i am VERY confused by all the different titles and covers for this book! i know the author is an Aussie, but still the four covers and four different titles for one book annoy me personally /rant. i saw the Book Smugglers post on the second book in this duology recently and knew i must must must read them. YA magical adventure starring girl-disguised as boy? yes please!

 2. <a href=”Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega, Book 1)""“>Cry Wolf and Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs – i just started reading Patricia Briggs…behind the times i know, but again, im picking up all the PNR/UF series that come so highly recommended, so of course these are on it! My last library loot got me into her Mercy Thompson series, so while i wait on hold for the most recent installment there i thought i’d get started on the Alpha and Omega series.

 3. <a href=”Must Love Hellhounds""“>Must Love Hellhounds anthology by Charlaine Harris, Ilona Andrews, and Meljean Brook – reading three short stories by some of the best PNR/UF authors out there that are really just teases to their larger world-building in their series is NOT a good way to quit the genre! after reading this this weekend im SO much more tempted to pick up more of their stuff! To be honest the Britlingens Go To Hell by Charlaine Harries was super weird and not my cup of tea at all, but it did make me miss Sookie and Eric a bit, even though i got really annoyed at that series. AND i’ve been really good with Ilona Andrews and only gotten addicted to her The Edge series, but the story in here about Andrea from the Kate Daniels series is a SERIOUS temptation to get into that one too. sigh. It’s a rough life guys.

And when I thought of the quote in the title for this post I OF COURSE had to go watch several clips from the movie, specifically the short titular one here. I watched the longer version and got weepy, man oh man their love story just SLAYS me, and my google image search of the quote prompted so many other photos that mad me sad. But then I found this one and HAD to share, obvi. You’re welcome.

shirtless jake gyllenhaal addiction > my current addiction to PNR/UF series

 Library loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Claire from The Captive Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

Library Loot: the one where i lied to you

I’m really sorry y’all *hanging head in shame* but I totally lied to you.

Not on purpose though, I swear!

I told you I couldn’t go to my library’s huge book sale. Well I lied, because I went…but only because I made it happen. That’s what I love about being a grown-up, livin life by your own rules, eating thin mints for breakfast, not packing for a trip, taking the day off work, and being late to the airport. Yes those are all things I did on Friday when I went to the library! I got to the airport 40 minutes before my plane took off, so squeaked through the security line just in time to board. I really didn’t think I could make it to the book sale since I was leaving that day for a bachelorette party in Charleston, but somethings you just have to make happen and I decided I couldn’t miss this.

And LOOK what all I got! I had quite the loot waiting for me on the holds shelf (along with a totally weird DVD I definitely did not reserve) but I also made out like a bandit at the sale.

First from the holds shelf (above):

1.   Why yes I AM newly obsessed with the Mercy Thompson series and quickly glomming through them for the first time, how did you know? I considered myself very lucky I’ve been able to check out all the books in the series, except the most recent release, all right away! So fun to discover a new series that already has quite the back list you can read in a row. I am NOT interested in cliffhangers and spread out release dates (yes I’m looking at you Fever Series where I’m still on the 234987 person waitlist for Dreamfever). Anyways, they are super fun, but remind me a lot a lot a lot of the Sookie Stackhouse books and I am so so so sick of reading about vampires, but luckily they haven’t played too much of a role in the Mercy Thompson books so far. I’m excited to learn more about Mercy’s Indian heritage about her skills as a “walker” coyote-shifter.

2.   Georgia Bottoms, by Mark Childress: saw the review in People magazine a few weeks ago and was intrigued enough to make myself 10th on the holds list – which also made me think this would be good if so many others at the lib wanted it ;) Also, as you may recall I’m obsessed with all things Southern, especially literature-wise, so I’m excited to read it!

3.   PBS Colonial House DVD this was on my shelf, with my first middle and last name printed out on a ticket inside the case but i did NOT put this on hold ;) not that i dont find life in 1628 fascinating! so yeah, i did not bring it home with me.

Now for the fabulous BOOK SALE. It was so huge, it took up half the underground garage. Thousands upon thousands of books, hardcovers, paperbacks, classics, new releases, DVDs, VHS, CDs and at least 50+ people were there right when the gates opened.

It was $1 a paperback. Trade or mass market. I was in heaven. Heav. En. I was a huge rush (see earlier: on way to airport) so frantically tweeted for help as I started finding ah-mazing books, but I knew I couldn’t get all of them (see earlier: book buying ban [i love making excuses to break this, liquidation sales and library sales totally dont count] and recently have NO shelf space, or anywhere left to stack books in my house). Twitter helped me pick between these Loretta Chase books (thanks ladies!), but here is what I ended up buying overall:

These books were promptly hidden below the car seat they rested on in the pic above as I zoomed off to the airport! Belong to Me  was one of my top reads in 2009 but I had checked it out from this very library, and I borrowed Can You Keep a Secret from my friend at work who owns it several times, so I was also happy to buy both of these favorites to own.

Lessons in French, The Last Hellion, and Lord Perfect  are all new to me reads, but after hearing their titles a million billion times and NEVER finding them to just borrow from the library they were work the $1 investment.

So that is the story. Of the time. I said I couldn’t go to the library. Or buy books. And I lied and went and came home with nine .

Library loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Claire from The Captive Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

Secrets, secrets, tell someone!

That’s how the expression ends, right? Don’t keep good secrets to yourself?

Well I know I should keep this a secret so I can get all the best books myself, but it was really the cute graphic that pushed me over the edge. I’m not kidding, as soon as I saw this jpg I was bitten with the urge to share!

Sheesh, I don’t know what kind of employees or volunteers their library has, but that is one adorable button!

This one’s for of my neighbors in the DC/MD/NOVA area who lust for books (with lusty bits in them, or without). The Central Arlington Library is having their HUGEST OF THE HUGE book sales this weekend. Way better, more serious, and seriously bigger than the fabulous one I posted on last Fall, yes more books than I put in that post! Here is their picture of last year’s Spring Sale! More details from their website here. 

So why aren’t I nervous you’ll take all the books I want? Oh because I’m out of town this weekend. That’s right, please feel sorry for me. I welcome it. I have the worst of luck with these sales, last time I had no cash, and this weekend I will be at a fabulous bachelorette party in a free beach house in 80 degree Charleston, SC when I’m on a book buying ban anyways.

Oh wait, maybe you shouldn’t pity me too much.

Library Loot across genres

Going along with my recent book buying ban, I have been seriously hitting up the library for all of my lusty reading needs…well not all, they hardly have any romance novels at my libraries *harumph* So I suppose I should say, all of my NON lusty reading needs. Despite not having 90% of the romance novels on my wish list, I still picked up plenty of books from other genres on the rest of my list. Yes, I do read non-romance novels! This trip to the library was made even more successful by the fact that Girl Scouts were selling cookies out front, so I walked away with the quite the loot, both in books and in thin mints! So what did I get???

  • Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins: there has been a lot of buzz about this one around the book blogs, and I’m all for YA romances, and have become extra attracted to this kind of read after becoming obsessed with Jennifer Echols, Sarah Dessen, and Simone Elkeles. I’ve heard this one was really cute, but with plenty of angst. After seeing a review from my very trusted book-recommender friend at Katidom, I knew I needed to pick this up!
  • Last Sacrifice, by Richelle Mead: I am OBSESSED with this YA Vampire Academy series, ya’ll, this is the 6th and final one! I’m so obsessed with this series that I actually BOUGHT the 5th one in HARDCOVER. I never ever ever buy hardcover…so why I am I getting this one from the library? *sigh* There is a love triangle. And I dont think Rose ends up with the guy I like. I’m actually scared to read this, it’s a monster of a book (610 pgs) and although I haven’t read any reviews for fear of spoilers I just have this terrible feeling I will not like this book. I actually have a strong feeling I just might not even read it and just return it.
  • Bed of Roses, by Nora Roberts: I read the first in the Bride Quartet and didn’t love it, it was a little flat…but I saw this 2nd one on the library new releases shelf and thought, why not? I need some light reading for my metro commute!
  • The Three Weissmanns of Westport, by Cathleen Schine: the review for this one in last month’s People Magazine intrigued me, and as I said above, I like a little bit of diversity in my reading diet, so this one can fill my “literary fiction” quota ;)

Library loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Claire from The Captive Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

A nose for books in West Virginia

What kind of person goes on vacation in town of  less than 3,000 people in the sticks of West Virginia and still manges to find a book sale?

A lusty reader with a nose for books, that’s who! I just can’t escape them, y’all! This more than made up for my super depressing experience of being turned away from the last one I stumbled across – member that time all I even needed was 4 quarters, or 10 dimes and I cried in the library? Well even though I still get a serious twinge of regret for the fabulous books I wasn’t able to buy at that one…I made out like a frickin bandit at this one on vacation in West Virginia.

So this is how long I’ve had this blog post sitting in my draft folder…this book sale is one I found while on vacation celebrating our wedding anniversary this fall. When is our anniversary? Oh, just September 27th, so this only happened 3 months ago!!! Ugh, blogging, you have just been too much for me to keep up with. So yes, hubby and I drove about 2 hours away from DC this past Fall to visit Harper’s Ferry, Charles Town, and Shepherdstown, WV.

(For those of you following me on twitter, yes hubby and I are currently on vacation in Charleston, SC, not be confused with the trip in this blog post to Charles Town, WV) 

We stayed at the most adorable inn and woke up on our first morning refreshed and ready to explore the area! We hopped in our car and drove through Charles Town on our way to historica Harper’s Ferry. We hadn’t even gotten one block into the little town before I yelped, “Halt!” And pointed with a finger shaking with excitement to the sign and sidewalk chalk stating “Library Book Sale.” Hubby looked into my eyes gone wide with pleading, sighed and smiled, and pulled over on the tiny street with no traffic.

Guarenteed to get a HUGE smile out of me:

Whenever I go clothes shopping with the hubby I always promise to be fast, trying to pick clothes I don’t have to try on, or those I can just try on over whatever I’m wearing, zooming around the store, being as quick as I can to grab anything that interests me.

No browsing, that’s my rule to keep him happy, and I know he appreciates it. The same goes for book stores, he won’t go into one with me unless I already know what books I want because he knows all too well that book browsing could lead to hours of boredom on his end. We’ve literally stood on the sidewalk outside a Barnes&Noble with him making me cross my heart and swear I have a list and I will stick to it – no browsing allowed – before he would agree to go in with me. So I tried to be lightening-fast at this West Virginia book sale, one of the reasons why my pictures of these totally awesome old-skool romance covers are a little blurry.

These weren’t that familiar to me though, Dance of Desire, Her Heart’s Delight, Savage Obsession, author’s Stephanie Blake or Mary Daheim? I started reading romance in the early 1990’s and while I enjoy plenty of the newest releases, I am truly an old-skool romance fangirl at heart, so I was surprised I didn’t recognize the titles and authors in this box, but my heart recognized them as kindred spirits. I read a few of the back covers to see if they would spark my interest, but quickly moved on to trying to locate titles I was familiar with.

There were just sooooo many romance novels at this sale!!!!

Jennifer Garner was in a made for tv version of For The Roses?! Dost mine eyes decieve me, or is that her on the cover??? I read that book in the ’90s and don’t really remember liking it, I think it took way to long to get to the lusty bits and was a bit too saga-ish for me.

So what did I walk out with?

Even limiting myself to trying to just pick up those books whose titels and authors I recognized I walked out with some REAL TREASURE! I was so giddy y’all, every time I plucked one of these books out of the lineup.

  • The Prince of Midnight, by Laura Kinsale (my first Kinsale I’ve ever owned, I’ve never read this before either)
  • Prince Charming, by Julie Garwood (was on my list of favorite romance of all time…whyyyyy did I donate my copy from High School when I went off to college again?)
  • Knight in Shining Armor, by Jude Deveraux (classic. one of my fave time travels. ’nuff said)
  • The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkein (the cover sucks, but its a must have for my bookshelves. I read my dad’s copy when I was younger but have never owned a version for myself)
  • Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, by Judy Blume (this is the EXACT version I owned in elementary school, but now can’t find, problem solved!)

I struck some serious reading gold, huh?!

And that is the story. Of the time. I found a library book sale on vacation. In a teensy tiny West Virginia town.

Library Loot: from my brand new public library!

Temperatures soared in DC this past weekend, staying in the 80s throughout the first week of October, continuing to break records, and making it hard to spend the day reading since it was so gorgeous outside. So what’s a lusty reader to do? Why, read outside of course!

Not only that but it was one of my first Saturday’s at home in a long time (see: we had 7 weddings this summer, and our own 2 year anniversary to celebrate recently) and due to budget cuts DC libraries close every day at 5 and aren’t open on Sundays. This means any office-worker with a Saturday social life or travel schedule is NEVER around when the libraries are open!

This made me especially sad because just LAST MONTH a brand-spanking-new public library opened across the street from my house. Literally! I can see it from our bedroom window. And I’ve never been to it since it opened. While it was being built a very very very small collection of books (no romance novels or popular fiction) was housed in a tiny, double-wide temporary trailer a few blocks away. I visited once, but it was so dreary with no good reading choices I booked it out of there in 5 minutes (pun intended).

So. I was super excited to visit my gorgeous new library and was not disappointed, I found every book I wanted, had a blast browsing, found out there is a 50 book check out limit (!), fell in love with the staircase decorations, and bonded with two teens when they came up to me because saw me checking out Eragon.

I started off the day sipping coffee and reading People Magazine on my couch where I learned about Bill Bryson’s new release At Home in the book review section. I’m a HUGE Bill Bryson fangirl and his books always include such interested tidbits, facts, and explanations about our world, language, culture and history, all while being entertaining. No offense to public libraries, but I always assume they are behind the curve on new releases, I never expected to find this book, just published last week, in my new branch library, but find it I did! And I was the first to check it out! Just looking at my due-date being the only stamp makes me so ridiculously happy. It’s a pretty good life when something so little can make my day :) 

Not only did I have an absolute blast trying out my new public library and find the one book I really went there hoping to get, but I made off with some other quite good loot too! From the first picture above:

  1. Eragon, by Christopher Paolini: first time reading this series!
  2. At Home, by Bill Bryson
  3. Will Grayson, Will Grayson, by John Green and David Levithan: just finished it, review here
  4. The Ghosts of Ashbury High and The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty: this author and series got rave reviews on The Booksmugglers. I’m not sure if they have to be read in order? These are the only two my library had on the shelf. 

Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Marg and Claire