Secrets, secrets, tell someone!

That’s how the expression ends, right? Don’t keep good secrets to yourself?

Well I know I should keep this a secret so I can get all the best books myself, but it was really the cute graphic that pushed me over the edge. I’m not kidding, as soon as I saw this jpg I was bitten with the urge to share!

Sheesh, I don’t know what kind of employees or volunteers their library has, but that is one adorable button!

This one’s for of my neighbors in the DC/MD/NOVA area who lust for books (with lusty bits in them, or without). The Central Arlington Library is having their HUGEST OF THE HUGE book sales this weekend. Way better, more serious, and seriously bigger than the fabulous one I posted on last Fall, yes more books than I put in that post! Here is their picture of last year’s Spring Sale! More details from their website here. 

So why aren’t I nervous you’ll take all the books I want? Oh because I’m out of town this weekend. That’s right, please feel sorry for me. I welcome it. I have the worst of luck with these sales, last time I had no cash, and this weekend I will be at a fabulous bachelorette party in a free beach house in 80 degree Charleston, SC when I’m on a book buying ban anyways.

Oh wait, maybe you shouldn’t pity me too much.

Liquidation sales don’t count when you’re on a book buying ban

So I didn’t tell you happened after I locked myself out in January…sigh…ok y’all read my last post (from over a month ago *sadface*) right?

Ok so what I didn’t tell you is that I locked myself out again the VERY NEXT NIGHT.

I went through a period of great self-hatred after that and simply could not speak of the incident(s) any further.

Needless to say it cost another pretty penny, but also cost me my sanity. I was soooooo angry at myself. It’s just so typically me. I ended up baking the cupcakes for my friend’s birthday, used the door with the drilled-out-broken-lock just fine all day Saturday, came home from the birthday party that night, took the dog out for a walk, and after 1 quick turn around the block I simply could not open the door. The knob would not turn. Locked. Out. Again.

The same locksmith guy came out again, so I made him come out on Friday night and Saturday night – when he left the second time I told him, “No offense but I hope I never see you again.” He said the feeling was mutual *sad trombone*

I should have replaced the door knob and broken lock myself during the day and Saturday but with hubby out of town I thought it would be ok if I just waited another day for him to come home and do it.

Most of the time my klutziness is amusing, or dare I say even endearing, but when it teeters into the harmful, costly, stupid side there is nothing to smile about. I’m sad to say that I have been labeled ditzy before and I hate that. Some examples:

When we were house hunting, the first time I saw the pictures of the place we eventually ended up buying I thought to myself, “It looks perfect! Except the stairs, those look dangerous” I have since fallen down them twice, with more to come I’m sure.

I literally got an email from my friend last week titled “I thought of you today” with the body of the email simply stating “I burned myself with my curling iron.” This is the type of thing that reminds my friends of me! I burned the crap outta my forehead the day before senior yearbook pictures with my curling iron.

I like to put things on my calendar for the wrong time accidentally, and even if I know what time things really do start, I’m always late.

I break dishes and glasses all the time while washing them in the sink.

I’m not super responsible in other areas too – one Saturday when hubby was at the office ALL day I promised I would clean the house while he was gone. I did NOTHING in the way of cleaning, but did watch instructional youtube videos for hours until I perfected the Cotton Eye Joe dance and the Cupid Shuffle. When he asked about the cleaning, my response of putting on music and doing line dancing wasn’t quite what he was expecting, and he wasn’t that mad…

So anyway. I’m a disaster.

So to counteract the hundreds of dollars down the drain for my stupidity of locking myself out, I am on a big time spending ban.

For the most part.

I just couldn’t quite stick to that spending ban when it came to the frivolous entertainment of books. I have a crazy-long holds list going on at my local libraries (yes plural, I use both DC and VA for maximum exposure to free books, the differences in their stock is staggering) but when I heard about my local Borders’ liquidation sale I couldn’t pass it up.

I mean they’re practically FREE! All the books I usually buy are mass market paperback romance novels, so regular price they’re like $6-$8,  so then with a 30% discount it’s like I’m not even really spending money. Liquidation sales don’t count when you’re on a book buying ban!



I couldn’t resist the allure of the 9873524897 sale signs all over my local Borders and marched right up to the door, my wish-list already pulled up on my Goodreads app on my iPhone. I prepared for the inevitably long line by emptying my purse of all heavy things, going to the bathroom before I left home, and making sure my iPhone was fully charged, then when I got to the long line I happily started reading one of my new books!

Borders closings are sad, local DC blogger Malnurtured Snay wrote many a personal take on the bankruptcy and liquidations, so while in general its bad news such a big firm is doing so bad, the sale was great as a customer :)

I ended up with 6 fabulous books for only $37 and put a serious dent towards finding books off my wish list that aren’t at my local libraries!

All of these but one are new-to-me books I’ve never read but have been wishing for for a while. The only one I’ve read is Going Too Far which I checked out of the library twice already because I just adored it so much, so I figured I should probably buy it!

But now I’m going back on my book buying ban. I swear! Unless there’s another great sale, or maybe I just happen to stumble upon a cheap used book store… *shakes self* No, no, no! Bad self *slaps wrist* Ban is in full effect, for realsies!



Best activity in below freezing weather: locking yourself out

What, with the beginning of that title you thought I was going to say something lusty?

Unfortunately something lusty was not possible as hubby is out of town. Hence the locking myself out. In 23 degree weather. Do. Not. Recommend.

See, my friend is having a birthday party tomorrow. And I am a GOOD FRIEND so I am baking her cupcakes (at some point I’ll try to blame this on her [even though no one asked me to bring cupcakes]) but tonight, Friday, at 7pm I realized I didn’t have any mix or frosting and I already have tons of things I have to do before the party tomorrow. So again, with hubby out of town, I thought a quick run to the grocery and cupcake baking sounded like a great way to spend my Friday night. Also I would obviously eat at least 6 cupcakes myself tonight. Et voila, parfait Friday night plans!

Yeah. Notsomuch.

I grab the car keys and house keys off the counter, walk out the door and closes it behind me, automatically locking the door handle. But the deadbolt needs to be manually locked so I pull the keys out of my pocket to lock it. I have car keys. I have no house keys.


We never gave anyone else in DC an extra set of keys. We’ve talked about it, but never did it. So in less than 30 seconds I’m googling “lock smith dc” on my iPhone. When, in the middle of my googling, a message pops up on my iPhone screen: “Less than 10% battery remaining.”


My situation, only minus the waves. And on a DC sidewalk in 23 degree weather. As you may recall I don’t always have the best of luck.

So we live in a townhouse with two condos, being locked out with my phone dying I’d like to get inside. With someone I know, where I can sit down, and borrow their phone. So I knock on my neighbor’s door and wait a sec. No answer. But I can hear the TV through the door – I’ve been in his condo before as we’re friendly, he invited us to a party even! – and I know the sofa and tv are right next to the front door. Not only can I hear the TV through the door, but I can hear the ticking of the clock on 60 Minutes that’s how easily sound travels through the door. So I wait another 30 seconds and knock again. Louder, a police knock, if you will. Nada. Several minutes later I knock again! Zilch. I guess we’re not as friendly as I thought? He’s our age and although we didn’t know each other before we bought our condos, it turned out we even have friends in common!

Fuck it, either way I have to call the lock-smith ASAP so I just have to hope my 9% battery will get me through it. No time for Yelp research or scrolling through websites, I click on the first one that shows up and a very nice lady answers, asks for my address, and says someone will call and confirm he’s on his way. He called (yay 7% battery!) and showed up just over an hour later. Honestly, it could have been so much worse! I just really wish my goddamn neighbor would have opened up his fucking door! Sorry this is a very profanity laced post. But I know he was in there. If I could hear every word on 60 Minutes about Social Security, if I could hear him switch the channel to a basketball game, if I could hear his exclamations of “nice shot!” and “traveling!” then he could damn well hear my knock and hear me calling the locksmith!

So when the locksmith did arrive, I quite clearly said, “Thank you so much for coming out on a Friday night! I would have hated to be stuck much longer since I knocked on my neighbor’s door several times and no one answered!” I may or may not have repeated that several times as he drilled open my lock. Passive aggressive much? Yes.

Apparently we had a high security lock. Which costs more to open. Hence the drilling. $240 total!!! Dammit, hubby is going to kill me :( Plus the cost to replace the door knob and lock. The locksmith said a lower security lock would be closer to $100 for him to open. Whyyy couldn’t we have been less safe and less responsible and gotten a crappy lock??? Hmm maybe I can blame this on hubby somehow since he replaced the door knob that came with the house with a new, higher security one when we moved in? And blame it on my friend that I was buying the cake mix for. This never would have happened if it weren’t for her birthday!!!

So fuck, $240 in the hole. Turns out I did not have the best Friday plan after all.

And there goes me getting a mani-pedi tomorrow. Maybe I can use that time I thought I would be busy to bake my friend cupcakes after all.

In conclusion: *sadface*

Second conclusion: fuck you, neighbor. When we give our extra set of keys to someone, because obviously we definitely need to! It will not be you. Hope you enjoyed 60 Minutes. Jerk.

Library Loot: from my brand new public library!

Temperatures soared in DC this past weekend, staying in the 80s throughout the first week of October, continuing to break records, and making it hard to spend the day reading since it was so gorgeous outside. So what’s a lusty reader to do? Why, read outside of course!

Not only that but it was one of my first Saturday’s at home in a long time (see: we had 7 weddings this summer, and our own 2 year anniversary to celebrate recently) and due to budget cuts DC libraries close every day at 5 and aren’t open on Sundays. This means any office-worker with a Saturday social life or travel schedule is NEVER around when the libraries are open!

This made me especially sad because just LAST MONTH a brand-spanking-new public library opened across the street from my house. Literally! I can see it from our bedroom window. And I’ve never been to it since it opened. While it was being built a very very very small collection of books (no romance novels or popular fiction) was housed in a tiny, double-wide temporary trailer a few blocks away. I visited once, but it was so dreary with no good reading choices I booked it out of there in 5 minutes (pun intended).

So. I was super excited to visit my gorgeous new library and was not disappointed, I found every book I wanted, had a blast browsing, found out there is a 50 book check out limit (!), fell in love with the staircase decorations, and bonded with two teens when they came up to me because saw me checking out Eragon.

I started off the day sipping coffee and reading People Magazine on my couch where I learned about Bill Bryson’s new release At Home in the book review section. I’m a HUGE Bill Bryson fangirl and his books always include such interested tidbits, facts, and explanations about our world, language, culture and history, all while being entertaining. No offense to public libraries, but I always assume they are behind the curve on new releases, I never expected to find this book, just published last week, in my new branch library, but find it I did! And I was the first to check it out! Just looking at my due-date being the only stamp makes me so ridiculously happy. It’s a pretty good life when something so little can make my day :) 

Not only did I have an absolute blast trying out my new public library and find the one book I really went there hoping to get, but I made off with some other quite good loot too! From the first picture above:

  1. Eragon, by Christopher Paolini: first time reading this series!
  2. At Home, by Bill Bryson
  3. Will Grayson, Will Grayson, by John Green and David Levithan: just finished it, review here
  4. The Ghosts of Ashbury High and The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty: this author and series got rave reviews on The Booksmugglers. I’m not sure if they have to be read in order? These are the only two my library had on the shelf. 

Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Marg and Claire

The time I lost my iPhone and heart on the same day

Regardless of what, who, or how you believe the universe operates sometimes the DARNDEST things happen and it’s hard not to think of them as coincidence, fate or luck.

I’ve had horrible days before – for some reason it’s never just one thing with me and for some reason WEIRD things happen to me where I seriously wonder if I’m on a hidden camera show. I’ll save some of the stories about disappearing christmas presents, stolen debit cards, and a lost umbrella during a huge rainstorm for another time – today we are talking about the time I lost my iPhone and my heart on the same day…

Imagine if you will….

*dream sequence music and ripples to scene*

Last week was the second week of my new (and fabulous!) job as a campus recruiter and I managed an info session for us at GWU’s campus. It was the third very late night for me in a row and while it was great every seat was filled with interested students it meant I had nowhere to sit for the 3 hours of presentations and networking. My poor feet stuffed into 3 inch heels did nothing to make me feel any less exhausted.

We finished around 10:30 and I huffed a sigh of relief as I freed my poor bound feet, wriggling my toes into flip-flops. The metro was right across the street from the campus building we hosted our event in, so rather than get a cab home I figured I could just sit on the well-lit metro for the 30 minutes it would take and read my book. I was deeply entrenched in Tsunami Blue’s adventures in her waterlogged world in the future with devilishly angelic and secretive Gabriel Black.

So engrossed was I that I didn’t notice until I got home that MY IPHONE WAS GONE!

I emptied my giant work purse until nothing but gum wrappers, pennies, and crumbs (don’t want to know what those are from) were left in the bottom. Not a trace of my precious iPhone. Disappeared, lost, missing.

*cue Lusty’s ultimate sad face*

*cue face of realization, turning from sad to angry!*

Someone must have stolen it! I knew I had it when I got on the metro, I used it to check when the next train was coming and to call hubby and I ALWAYS put it in the outside pocket of my purse because…you know…it’s so easy to reach there.

While it was my own carelessness that made me a target, people still shouldn’t steal. The thought of someone out there, putting their grimy fingers all over my beautiful touchscreen, looking at my email/apps/texts/all my stuff just enraged me. Perfectly incensed I threw myself down on the sofa, flung open my laptop, called the Metro Police right away, filled out an online stolen item form, called the DC police, called AT&T to have it turned off and called hubby to rant. I was a whirlwind of activity, knowing I wouldn’t get my phone back, but gaining some sense of power from the steps I could take. My voice shook with my anger at being violated like this in every conversation I had. Maybe it shook with tears a little with the hubby.

While it felt like my heart was hurting at such a personal loss, the big reveal on who actually stole my heart that night comes up next…

Me: I’m so pissed, honey! I know I shouldn’t have put it in such an easy place to grab, but still, people in this city are such animals.

Hubby: *ranting about how much money I’ve just wasted*

Me: I know, but trust me, I took all the appropriate steps, calling the police, the metro, and got the phone turned off right away, so don’t worry, no one’s calling China with it or anything and costing us more money.

Hubby: Did you try calling the phone before you turned it off to see if someone would answer?

Me: No! I didn’t even think of it because clearly the person who stole it is so nefarious they wouldn’t never answer and be helpful.

Hubby: Maybe you should try?

So I called AT&T, and after they nicely confirmed it wouldn’t cost me anything to keep turning on and off my service we got it all turned back on.

I called the phone, 3 times over 10 minutes. Amid fears of the evil thief playing with my precious baby I turned back to my laptop to look up the number for AT&T again and get it turned right back off.

As I clicked open Firefox my gmail inbox popped up with a new email that had just come in the past 30 seconds titled “Your iPhone”

My whole body broke out in goosebumps.

I could barely manipulate my fingers fast enough on the mouse and keyboard to get the email open. Here is the email, completely copied and pasted, word for word, I shit you not:

i surely hope this is your email connected to your i-phone…I found it on the metro and I’m desperately trying to return it to you but your phone turned off right away.  I can only imagine how upset you are. Please respond asap so I can give this back to you or the rightful owner. Thanks so much. – LaSheenya*

Yall, I can’t make this up. How the HELL did I get so lucky?!

And that is the story of the time I lost my heart to LaSheenya.

 There need to be more people like her in the world. She works at a restaurant and when I went to pick up my precious baby phone I really wanted to thank her somehow. I wanted to bring flowers and something else, but scrapped the flowers idea since she’d be at the restaurant for the rest of the day. I ended up just giving her a $50 visa gift card…and something else:

A hug.

While I lost my iPhone but got it back, LaSheenya you will always have a piece of my heart!

PS: yes i did get thoroughly browbeaten by hubby for clearly letting the phone fall out of my purse. or dropping it. or it fell out my pocket. or however i carelessly lost it.

*name slightly changed because hers is super unique

The time I pretended I was underage at the DC library to escape my roommate

This is the tale of how abhorrent the DC public libraries are, and how my party-animal roommate drove me to find that out, the hard way.

Second semester senior year of college I was having the best time of my life and it felt like the world was my oyster. I had accepted an exciting offer from a growing consulting firm in DC to start right after graduation and my best friend from high school, Liza, and I were set to be roommates after finding the perfect apartment in Adams Morgan. I was super excited to live there since it was so close to bars and restaurants, but little did I know how I would come to regret our proximity to party central…

We bonded as we pulled our new grown up apartment purchases from their shipping boxes then mixed them in with tatty old college favorites. Liza and I had been thick as thieves in highschool, we were nick-named “Package Deal” because we never went anywhere without the other. She went to college in Virginia and I in North Carolina so we visited often throughout school and I thought it just couldn’t have worked out more perfectly to live together when we graduated and happened to be moving to the same city! Parfait! Quelle excitement!

My boyfriend was still in grad school in NC and Liza was very very single and ready to mingle so we had nothing to stop us from paling around with big groups of our mutual girlfriends and living it up at the bar scene in DC. But it quickly became clear to me that we had much different thresholds of “fun” and how much of a “good time” we wanted to have. Her friends would never leave our apartment, we were the pre-game house being so close to a big strip of bars, and often the pregaming would go all night, they would sleep over, and hang around all morning, disorderly and disheveled all the time.  There was the time we were at The Guards on M Street in Georgetown and Liza and all her friends were yanking down each others tank tops and flashing naked boobs around the bar and laughing like maniacal hyenas. When someone reached for my tits I drew the and line left immediately.

But my favorite story is when she Chris-Farley-ed our nice, brand new, Crate & Barrel coffee table. My boyfriend at the time (now hubby!) thought up that description when I told him this story the next day. The usual never-ending pregaming was at its height, Since U Been Gone and Gold Digger playing on full blast as I sat on the computer in the dining room, morosely waiting for the group to leave for the bars. When all of a sudden Liza leapt off the couch, beer sloshing over onto the carpet, and started gesticulating wildly. As I watched in seemingly slow motion she lost her balance, clutched at thin air, and fell, crashing heavily directly onto our grown-up coffee table. Which promptly splintered and collapsed upon impact leaving her in a crumpled heap with her full beer held high above her prone body. So yeah, she Chris Farley-ed the heck outta that table. Everyone thought it was hilarious and they left for the bars soon afterwards now that they lost their platform for their quarters drinking game.

Besides the girls always being over, there were of course the inevitable guys she brought home. Totally and utterly fine with me, I was glad she was having a good time (as I had been known to do in my own past anyways) and I even gave one directions to the closest metro when we awkwardly met in the kitchen one morning. Fine with me, that is, until you don’t close the door during your sexy time and I heard it all, including him asking if you you’d want to shower that off afterwards!!! *shudder*

And that’s when I made up my mind to escape the apartment.

Where can I go that is free to get in, not outside so it doesn’t matter about the weather, and they don’t mind if you hang out for hours without buying anything?

I fondly recalled the days of my youth whiling away the hours at a safe, fun, free place when I had to escape my parents’ house. THE LIBRARY! I emphatically did NOT want to see shower-boy the morning after, I just had to get out of there.

The closest library to our apartment was in a “temporary mobile home” (and still is 5 years later) that I had gone in once, and the three shelves of their books in English held absolutely nothing of interest (negative point#1) and a lady on the steps told me people of my color weren’t welcome there (negative point#2). Plus that library wasn’t open on Sundays (only 2-3 in DC are: negative point #3) and didn’t have a stick of furniture as it was so small, so no where to escape my apartment.

Early the next morning I checked which DC public libraries were open on Sundays , one of which being the central library, MLK Jr. library smack in the middle of downtown DC. I didn’t bother with makeup, just threw on jeans and a fleece, grabbed my metro card, and breathed a sigh of relief as I walked out the door and my stress at being cooped up in there melted away.

Walking up to MLK library that morning wasn’t easy, as I had to actually hold my recently released breath to navigate the maze of people sleeping and begging on the sidewalk in front of the doors. But my cheerful mood was not to be dimmed as I firmly fixed my mind on affectionate memories of big comfy armchairs, warm fireplaces, quiet respectful tones of other bookworms,  plenty of computer outlets for my laptop, and a wall of books sorted into just popular fiction paperbacks. Until I walked in…

The large, modern, airy suburban libraries of my youth could not have been any more different that what I faced in this inner-city library. It wasn’t even clean; the tiles, lights, and desks were cracked. The windows were dingy, broken shelves and other odds and ends were strewn in corners, and there was no reference list or map on where to find books. Regardless of the drab physical state of the library, it was what this sad building HELD that would make me happy, right? But as I waited near the info desk for one of the unfriendly people to stop ignoring me to so I could ask which wing and which of the 3 floors I should go to I lost my patience and began to browse on my own.

It took me 20 minutes to find the fiction area, with no section of paperbacks in sight I concentrated solely on looking for author’s names I knew and found and old favorite. My plan was to read the whole book there, thus spending 4-5 hours out of the house, then putting the book back on the shelf and heading home. Clutching my source of happy entertainment to my chest I finally unfocused my eyes from the close-up perusal of the shelves and looked about for to cushy chairs and fireplace nooks. There was nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing but a crude hard bench with a dubious looking person sleeping on it.

I must have had some sort of Pollyanna spirit that day because I was NOT to be foiled! I would spend my time at the library! I cruised from room to room, eyes flickering over out of date computer banks with folding chairs full of frustrated users trying to get on the internet, but any potential seat only looked exponentially uncomfortable and was already occupied.

Then I stumbled upon an alcove where no florescent lights were cracked and there were three elementary school style desks and chairs…all empty! My psyche was so diminished at that point they looked like a veritable oasis of solace and comfort. I plunked myself down, barely noticing a bit of paper taped to the top of the desk.

30 happy pages later the hero had just been slapped for his punishing kiss and I was bouncing with glee, but also to keep my butt-cheeks from falling asleep on the punishing hardness of the chair seat – when I was RUDELY interrupted.

And older gentleman working for the library cleared his throat loudly saying, “Excuse me miss? Did you not see these desks are reserved?” gesturing to the small piece of computer paper with size 12 Times New Roman font. It turned out it said, “Youth Reading Room, seating reserved for 18 and under.”

Are you freaking KIDDING ME?!?/!?1! The only place to sit in the whole damn, dirty place was for kids and they only got old desks? Half of me was sad they had nothing close to what I had as a kid, and the other half was furious for being denied even this meager seat.

I guilelessly raised my eyes to him and replied, “Oh yes sir, but I am under 18.” He returned my smile, told me to enjoy my book, and left.

And that is the time I pretended I was underage at the DC library to escape my roommate.

One of the only times I have ever been glad I look younger than I am, I hate getting carded when none of my friends do, or when the package delivery guy asks if my mom is home because they need someone over 18 to sign for it (true story!), so at the very least, my youthful appearance will get me a seat at my public library!

Phoning it in Vol II

Still super busy at work, and STILL READING THE SAME BOOK FOR THE PAST 7 DAYS! Yes, all caps was necessary there, it hasn’t taken me 7 days to read one book in donkey’s years (especially one under 350 pgs!).

But here are some things going on that were too long for me to talk about in Twitter (yes, ive been on a lot recently even though i havent been blogging or blog hopping) so this is a bit longer than my last phoning it in post.


I’m all about diverse ways to enjoy the wonderful city we live in, but can’t believe I only just found out about the lecture series at The Smithsonian! I found it while looking for upcoming speaking events  with Greg Mortenson as I’m so moved while currently reading his first book Three Cups of Tea. (I may or may not have gotten very teary eyed and covered in goosebumps several times while reading it on the metro this morning). He’s coming to one of these Smithsonian events, but it was all sold out so I decided to look at a few of the others. It’s so funny because it’s so diverse! They have Laura Bush one week, then How To Write a Romance novel with Kathleen Gilles Seidel another week, directly followed by “Rome’s Deadliest Enemy: The Life and Legend of Mithradates (here is the list I was looking at).

Then I followed the NSFW link on the Smart Bitches today about waxing and bedazzling your vajayjay (vajazzling trend alert!), and they have a DC location called STRIPPERS! (i googled “strippers dc” to see if i could find a link, but gave up right away. you can imagine why ;)

I’m nothing if not open minded, so doesn’t morning at a Smithsonian lecture followed by a vajazzling session sound like a nice way to spend a Saturday in our nation’s capital?


Conversation with hubby during the Oscars…

Hubby: Wow, that girl, Zoe or whatever, got a lot darker, I guess she’s been tanning?

Me: Ummm, she’s always looked like that. I had such a crush on her in Center Stage.

Hubby: No I just saw her on a episode of The Office, she looked way less black.

Me: *puzzled face, trying to figure out what he’s talking about*

Me: *eureka face combined with outright laughter* Oh my God! That is a totally different person! Rashida Jones!


What is with people having NO MANNERS today? I feel like I’m watching society disintegrate before my eyes. Hubby and I went to the Rangers/Capitals ice hocky game on Saturday night and took the metro. It was pretty empty, only about 10 people in our car, one of whom was a 20-something girl playing a very loud video game on her phone with no headphones. The couple in front of her turned around and started an all out shouting match about turning it down/off. The last few lines of the argument were the best (or worst depending on your POV):

Video game: *doodle-doo dying noise*

Angry woman: *sarcastic voice* Oh that’s too bad, sounds like you lost. Will you shut up now?

Video game girl: I’m gonna spit in ya face!

Angry woman: I’d like to see you try!

Hubby and I: Thank God our stop is next!

Then during the national anthem at the game, right in the first few lines, the singer took a breath and during that brief second of quiet some jerk-Rangers-fan shouted “Let’s go Rangers!” to which some equally jerkish person responded “Shut the fuck up, douchebag!” I mean COME ON this is the NATIONAL ANTHEM.

Don’t even get me started on Kanye setting a trend for rudeness on stage. That lady at the Oscars made me boiling mad, regardless of her reasons, she still interrupted him (during the acceptance speech for Best Short Documentary) and was totally ungracious. Video here.

I know I sound like an 80-year-old cranky lady, but especially living in the city I feel like I see rude, rushing, selfish people all day.


I promised hubby I would get some good housecleaning done while he was away during the day on Saturday. He came back hours later to see nothing cleaned and me wielding a dust-rag at empty bookshelves and piles of books cluttering up the whole room. We had a slight disagreement about whether rearranging bookshelves counted as cleaning. I mean I was dusting the books AND the shelves, and they looked much prettier once all the books of the same height and all my series were together!

So that is what’s up with me! I’m vowing I will finish Three Cups of Tea tonight. Too many books on my TBR are calling my name, and I even have 2 overdue library books that I’ve yet to read!

February 2010 Reading List and a personal rant

I’m not the best guess-timater. Like sometimes when I’m putting statistics together at work it’s not until I get to the very end and I see the result, that I go, “Really?! I didn’t think it would be that high!” Or I pick a mixing bowl out and it’s only when I’ve already added 95% of the ingredients that I realize it’s way too small and they won’t all fit.

That’s what happened with this months reading list, as I typed them up yesterday I was totally shocked at how many books I read in February.

I expected it to be half as much and that’s where the personal rant comes in. I’ve worked 11 hour days or more at my recruiting job for the past 3 weeks. I haven’t cooked dinner in 3 weeks and I haven’t been home before 9pm in 3 weeks. The 2 hour commute each day definitely helped with my reading during that time, but overall it’s been a tough three weeks!

 Hubby is convinced I’ll get fired if I ever talk about my job on here (I did slip one TMI post about crazy candidates and employees by him!) but I’m totally overwhelmed. As much as I love my job, love being all nosey and doing interviews, making job offers, filling positions with the *right* person who I totally picked and making managers happy here, and just networking and making connections with people, I’m definitely suffering with all these 55-60 hour work weeks.

And there isn’t an end in sight, we used to have two recruiters in my office, but due to the economy our hiring slowed down and when the other one left for grad school last year they decided not to replace her. Now things are picking up again BIG TIME. All the positions that were put on hold in 2008-2009 were all approved at once at the beginning of this year and my head is about to explode just looking at the numbers that I am singlehandedly supposed to hire all by myself in the next few months.

Right now we are in the middle of our Spring on campus recruiting with information sessions, presentations, career fairs and interviews at 25 different schools. I coordinate it all and travel to some.

*heaving huge sigh* I just had to vent a little. Because not only are hubby, the mutt, and my TBR getting neglected but so is this here little lusty reading blog. And if I have a choice between reading a book, or blogging or blog hopping I will totally read a book.

So that is why I haven’t been around much, won’t be in the future, but still have a pretty respectable February reading list: 9 books total, made up of 1 YA fantasy, 1 contemporary horror/fantasy, 1 contemp romance, 5 historical romance, and 1 paranormal.

February 2010

  1. Leviathan, Scott Westerfield A-
  2. Don’t Tempt Me, Loretta Chase, B+
  3. Prince Charming, Julie Garwood B+ (possibly unfair weighted or curved grade as it was one of the first romances I ever read and holds fond old skool memories)
  4. The Lost Lord, Mary Joe Putney B
  5. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, Laruen Willig B
  6. Blue Eyed Devil, Lisa Kleypas B- (Her contemporaries just really don’t work nearly as well for me as her historicals.)
  7. Love Letters from a Duke, Elizabeth Boyle B-
  8. Succubus Blues, Richelle Mead C+
  9. Under the Dome, Stephen King DNF

In My Suitcase (escape from the blizzards of 2010)

Y’all. It’s like a war-zone in DC with these blizzards. I feel like our flight made it out in between bombings or something. Like there was a lull in the battle for 12 hours and our plane was just able to sneak out. Yes we left 3 days later that we were supposed to, but we made it! Hallelujah!

I tried not to be too smug in my last post, but I think our first 2 flights getting cancelled was a little bit of karma for me posting too soon about escaping the blizzards. When I was packing on Tuesday I refrained from posting the pictures of the excellent reading materials in my suitcase until we were safely in Florida! So here we are, and here is my suitcase:

I saved up my last two People Magazines, it was hard letting them languish on the table, but they are too perfect of beach reads to waste on metro rides to work. I also brought 3 recent library finds and all-new-to-me reads so I’m very excited for Lisa Kleypas’ Blue Eyed Devil, Loretta Chase’s Don’t Tempt Me, and Richelle Mead’s Succubus Blues.

I was cooped up inside since Friday, staring at this stack of books, it was beckoning me to pick one up for entertainment during the endless hours of snow…I resisted with the hope I’d be able to read them in sunny Florida, and I’m so glad I did!

But as we settled into the condo last night I took a peek at the books nestled under the bedside table. I needn’t have brought any with me after all! Don’t you love when you travel and the hotel or rental house has a bookcase of books to borrow, or you can leave behind your own for the next visitors? It’s always so interesting to see the array offered, from the typical Tom Clancy and John Grishams, to maybe some Oprah book club picks, and there are ALMOST ALWAYS a few solid romance novel choices. I feel like it gives you a clue into the owner or previous vacationer’s personalities and you can imagine them reading the same story as you while soaking in the sun on the balcony.

In this case the row of romance novels left behind was too perfect for words, and I would be saving my library books and reading these now if they weren’t slightly mildewy:

I wonder if you can Febreeze books? Because those two Judith McNaughts are really calling my name, I haven’t read Once and Always since I was about 13 years old, and it brings back fond memories. There’s a Linda Lael Miller and Rosemary Rogers. So many classic names! And I’ve never even heard of this Linda Howard book, Loving Evangeline?

Always better to have too many reading choices than not enough! I just might have to clean some of these off depending how quickly I read the others as we are here for another SIX DAYS. Yay.

I may not be around much online, but we are currently stealing internet from someone else in the condo building named “zach,” so thank you zach for not protecting your wireless internet connection! We weren’t expecting to have one so I’ll at least be around more than I planned. For now…it’s off to the beach!

Life’s A Beach

Ooooh a title that’s a double entendrrruh (i say the french pronunciation since i’m snooty like that). The 2nd part of the double entendre comes into play at the end of the post, so stick with me!

So life’s a bitch here in DC with over 14″ of snow downtown and another 5 hours of the storm ahead of us in a city that is totally unequiped to handle this kind of weather. Restaurants, metro, buses..all shut down. My office closed at 2pm yesterday and will most likely be closed on Monday. I heard the grocery store near us is open, but no cashiers, it’s all self checkout only.

This is exactly why I didn’t move back to Chicago after college! I had my share of blizzards growing up and DC is definitely not supposed to have them. People here totally freaked out though. When I was sitting at work on Thursday I watched twitter with growing trepidation as pictures like Mandi’s popped up of empty shelves, and one of the Whole Foods near my house that had a line just to GET IN to the store. The DCist also had some great pictures of the crazyness that was the grocery stores the day before the storm hit.

Seriously people? You’ll be inside for maybe TWO DAYS!!! No need to freak out like this. Yes I am a superior Northerner, but still, the lines and grabbyness were ridiculous. However, I needed lemons, garlic and onions for the recipes I was going to make over the weekend. The reason I didn’t buy more is due to the second part of the double entendre which we’ll get to in a sec. So I did brave the Harris Teeter by my work in Arlington, VA knowing that the stores near my house in downtown DC would be way too swamped. I got in the 30 person line and promptly busted out my current read, Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan. I didn’t care how dorky I looked reading in the grocery store line, at least I was entertained for the 40 minutes I had to wait!

Anyways, I’ve been up since 8am today and haven’t seen a single car on the road, just one plow that was a private contractor for the church across the street, it is so beautiful and quiet out there! The snow is still coming down, but the worst is behind us…we even had thundersnow last night!

Here is a picture of our street:

I also took a little video of Kedzie and I out on her walk, please ignore the high pitch of my voice, it sounds so obnoxious, so I’m just going to excuse that by saying it was only like that since I was talking to the dog. Also please excuse my hyperbole of “the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life” needless to say, I have seen funnier:

I uploaded two other videos here if you want to subject yourself to my ramblings even further, but you have to admit, Kedzie is adorable.

In case you can’t tell by my tone I am not put out by this storm IN THE SLIGHTEST. Part of my positive attitude is because I think it’s beautiful and know we will be warm and comfortable and lack for nothing, we are lucky like that. But also life is about to be a REAL BEACH for us as we are heading to FLORIDA tomorrow. Fingers crossed that our flight won’t be cancelled! When we made our reservations months ago hubby wanted to fly out on Friday so we could have an even longer vacation, but I argued for Sunday so we wouldn’t have to put the dog in the kennel for even longer. I am so glad he listened to me, because all flights were cancelled Friday and Saturday.

We’ll be here for the next 8 days:

And I’m all stocked up on books for our 75 degree beach reading weather. Not only do I still have some of this library loot left over, but I went to the library again and have a few books I bought recently that I’ll be bringing with me. So I’ll do an In My Suitcase post before we go. Don’t be too jealous, but this vacation couldn’t have come at a better time! Hope you’re all staying warm and dry!