Kevin Bacon please don’t kill me on this trip

Don’t get me wrong, this trip is going to be AWESOME! But as soon as my family planned it (none of this “vacation” was my idea) all I could do was watch clips of The River Wild over and over. This did not help with the nightmares let me tell you.

So today hubby and I fly 5 hours from DC to Las Vegas, where I have never been before! Hubby has only been once for a bachelor party where he slept on the floor and ate burgers for 5 out of his 7 meals while there.

After one night in Vegas we are going WHITE WATER RAFTING THROUGH THE GRAND CANYON. For those of you that know me even a little bit…ummm this is not my idea of a vacation. I’m also not athletic and haven’t worked out since our wedding, hmmm which was three years ago *shameface*

But I have also never been to the Grand Canyon and I already have anticipatory goosebumps just thinking about seeing this in person:

Seeing it? Amazing! Rafting on it, and hiking and camping next to it? Frightening. My outfits for the outdoorsy part of this trip? Hideous. My two new dresses purchased for the Vegas portion? ADORBS.

I am very very excited and very very lucky my parents are taking our whole family on this trip because I just know it will be an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. But when I close my eyes at night I just keep seeing this:

So wish me luck, y’all!