Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day away

Tomorrow is the big day! It’s Move In To Our First Home with a Scary Mortgage Day!

I still can’t believe that we own a home! And yes I still sort of just want to take a nap and/or run away with a suitcase full of romance novels…

But I soothe myself by thinking, now that we OWN our first house we can make the home how WE want it – like built in bookshelves! I just have to convince the the other half of that “we” that he wants built in bookshelves too.

Although we are spoiling ourselves by hiring professional movers for the first time EVAR we still have our fingers crossed that Tropical Storm Danny will live up to it’s baby name and stay clear of DC, or just have a baby rain shower.

The packing has not been too fun, but our resident mutt’s cuteness is always good to cheer me up:


Thanks for all your good wishes and I won’t have any internet access for a few days starting tomorrow…until Comcast deigns to show up at our new place, so I’ll be signed off for a bit. Have a good weekend y’all!

16 Responses

  1. Congrats on your new home!

  2. Best of luck with the move, Charlotte! And good luck convincing the other half of we on those bookshelves. :)

  3. Oh Lord yes – spend the cash and hire movers. We last moved 3 years ago, and while we did all the actual packing, it was so wonderful to have movers do all the heavy lifting. Sheer joy!

    I hate moving with the heat of a thousand blazing suns – but how exciting that you’ll be moving into your first home!!! That definitely makes the hassle of it all well worth it IMHO.

  4. Congrats!!!!!

    I live in MD and really hope hurricane stays away!

  5. I gotta check out your new place, I hope you aren’t moving too far away in DC!

  6. Zia: thanks so much, it still feels like a dream!

    Olga: I can be VERY convincing *fluttering eyelashes*

    Wendy: movers are our gift to ourselves, i look forward to this sheer joy of which you speak!

    Mandi: i’m wishing very hard!

    Pho: we’re only moving 5 blocks from where we are now, we’ll be in the U Street/Shaw neighborhood. We could NEVER leave DC!!!

  7. Ack! I hate packing. I’m packing right now for my big move as well. I miss my nice neatly packed bookcases.

  8. congrats on the scary buying homeness! i am a delicate shade of envious green. delicate. and also! fingers crossed for smoooooth moving.

    ps your dog made me giggle. she’s like, “um where’s my box, please?”

  9. I wish you were coming tomorrow, but I’m so excited for you!!! I hope your move is as smooth as ours was :-)

  10. Good luck with the move!

  11. Congratulations on your new home! I’ve always lived at home with the parents even during college and my first foray out into my own place was three years ago and it was fun packing because I pretty much only had clothing, books, and movies to pack. Lol. In fact, there were more of the books and movies (6 large boxes each) than clothing, haha.

    The unpacking now was another story, ugh…

  12. good call on the movers. when we moved back in june we got not one, but two parking tickets. there were absolutely no loading/unloading zones and we even had someone waiting in the truck at all times! ugh! see… one less frustration you didn’t even know you weren’t dealing with :-)

  13. Congrats!!! Lucky gal! My hubby and I are still working toward that goal! Enjoy!

  14. Yay! Congrats!

  15. *puff*puff* *pant*pant* I’m catching up with Romancelandia…A-gain! I’m really excited for you and the new house. Home ownership changes everything. It certainly changes how you spend your money. After 20 years in our house we still paint, change, remodel. It’s fun and it’s never ending.


    Oh, so cool you finally tried Nalini Singh. Now you have 5 (4?) more books to read to catch up with all of us.

  16. […] the way they’re organized. This is letting out my inner OCD book-geek but I enjoyed our recent big move as an excuse to reorganize them! Even though I feel like my bookshelves are a constant work in […]

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